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When I’m asked to describe my blog, I say that I’m partly a fashion blogger, but this is the first time I’ve done an outfit photo. Can it still be classed as an outfit photo when the only things I’m wearing are a dress from the collection Jasmine Guinness did a few years ago for the now defunct Oli (such a shame!) and a Swarovski necklace that Alex bought me on a business trip?

Anyway, please do forgive the awkward posing (this was the best of a bad bunch of photos – how do people do this every day?!) – if you have any secrets and tips on how to do the most flattering photo, please let me know!

My hair is now officially ginger. Ish. I’ve been washing with Vosene and Head&Shoulders in a vague attempt to try and wash out the red (“semi -permament” – ha!) and this is the current state. Its not that bad I guess. Maybe.

My best friend Helen decided to randomly send me two books by our favourite artist Kurt Halsey – they’re both full of his artwork, which is lovely to browse through.

I thought I’d share some links with you as well, in case the lovely weather has disappeared by the time you read this (and lets face it, its a bank holiday so it probably has turned rainy by now)

Today marks the end of Lent and my self imposed Facebook ban. Despite using Facebook on a daily basis previously, I really didn’t find it difficult after the first day or so of remembering not to look at it! The only things I would have liked to use it for were to see photos of an event my stepmum organised and to message those friends who are hopeless with email or phone calls (you know who you are, wife) Next year I need to find something more difficult!

I think thats it for now! How are your long lazy weekends going – and how many of you have the whole 11 days off?


  1. Harriet says

    Yay, an outfit post! I love them – and your dress is gorgeous! I’m so disappointed tho – I didn’t know Oli was gone! I absolutely loved them for swimwear.

  2. Sarah says

    I love this dress! And I love the ginger – it’s kind of apricot-y in that picture, which Amy would approve of. Moar outfit posts plz!

  3. Emma Cossey says

    Brilliant, I used to lust after that dress a couple of years ago, but I wasn’t sure if it went with my ginger hair. You’ve basically proved it does work (especially as you’re a similar shape to me :D). Now to find it on ebay.

    Great outfit post!


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