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Yummy Or Not?

Another day, another parcel from Aussie. I sound totally jaded there don’t I, like “oh man, another awesome parcel, daymnnnn I hate presents”. I’m not. I love presents. Especially cakey ones.

This time, there was a slightly longer style in there, with an awesome flicky bit at the bottom. See?

I’m still not sold on it. I kinda like the flicky out bit – its not so harsh as the bob I was sent the other week but its still too short for me.

Seriously puzzled now on what to do with my hair – whilst its fading quite well now I’m using horrible shampoos (yes I know its bad for my hair, but I’ll do anything to get rid of the red!) I’m still not convinced on a dramatic cut. Help!

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Ten Years?

Cupcakes and a teapot - my favourite way to celebrate!

Although I started back in 2007, I’ve been keeping an online diary since…well, this date in 2001. 10 years! I started my LiveJournal on this day, but before then I had various little sites on Angelfire, Geocities and Envy.Nu. Didn’t everyone?

Without sounding incredibly cheesy, blogging (and social media as a whole) has really had such a huge impact on my life. I’ve met some incredible people, and had some seriously fun experiences. My friends will tell you I’m not the hugging type, but I’d totally give you all a big smushy hug right now for being so amazing.

Anyway. I’m going to go and eat some cake now. Mmm cake. You are the greatest ~*inspiration*~ to me.

(previous blogiversary mentions at eight years and five years)

Beg Bicycles

I’ve mentioned before about how I want a beautiful old fashioned style bike, but these bicycles make me want one even more now!

Beg Bicycles is based in Cambridge and not only sells bikes, but also the accessories in the photos – baskets, cool boxes, and even a mozzie spray holder! Its a bit shallow, but beautiful photos like these make me want something more than your standard stock style photo. Anyone else?

There are two styles of bikes for the ladies, the Bella (above) and the Betty (below). Bella costs £675, Betty £725 and both come in the same three colours, Flirty 30’s Green (a minty shade), Chalk (off white) and Persephone Pink (strawberry lip balm pink). At first, I preferred the Bella style, but after looking at the styled photos (see, it makes a difference!) I think I prefer the Betty now!

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