My-Wardrobe’s Style Guide

Don’t worry, I don’t actually mean my wardrobe’s style guide (which at the moment seems to be “Wear plain dresses, try to get some bleach on there while doing the cleaning”. Total dresses ruined that way this month: 2. Sob.) but instead,* have produced a style guide highlighting the trends for Spring/Summer 11 and since they sell a huge range of designer clothes, the pages link to the relevant items. Excellent!

I love the items that have been chosen for each bit, making me rethink my original thoughts on a trend – take for example “Fringe Benefits” on page 18. If you said “fringe” to me, my first thought is dodgy tasseling on leather biker jackets. (This isn’t helped of course by my mum having a hideous suede jacket with tassles along the sleeves and back, with beading. Vom.) But look at these:


Love the earrings especially!

My favourite section of the guide has to be Sasha Wilkins/LibertyLondonGirl‘s (it still seems strange to use her real name!) section on gadget cases. I’m always looking out for a new iPad case, and the story of how things have changed since Sasha started in her career fits really well (and is familiar to many of us, even if we’re not sitting on the front row!)

I can’t stop looking at this photo. I mean, OK, so its a Mulberry bag, but its the Alexa*, which I’m not that keen on. I think its the colours – I love the “watermelon” shade which looks really good with the gold buckles and plates, against the crisp white blazer (although oddly, the photo on the product page is a much paler pink!). Theres a small feature in the Style Guide about the new Mulberry Tillie* bag, which I prefer to the Alexa – maybe because there are so many high street versions of the Alexa? Do high street copies of a recognisable designer item put you off the original?

If someone could arrange for the whole bag section of the Style Guide* to appear in my house, that would be great, thanks x


  1. Harriet says

    Ooh, this sounds really interesting, thanks for the tip!

    I think when it gets to the point where *everyone* has a particular bag I start to get a bit put off. The highstreet copies of the Alexa do put me off because it detracts from the uniqueness. I used to really love the Bayswater too but I see so many of them about now that puts me off a bit too. I still love the Tillie, partly because you don’t see that many of them around yet.

    Still in love with the colourful Alexas though – the Watermelon shade is gorgeous!

  2. Maddy says

    Poor girl!! I feel you on the dresses! I hate when I get bleach on my clothes. Now I make sure I get into my house clothes before even getting near the bleach. I’m loving that dress! A subtle way to incorporate the trend. And yes… bags that are copied really put me off. When I first started buying bags, I would go from the recognizable bags to blend in with the crowd, but now I prefer the ones that make me stand out because they are unique.

  3. Sarah says

    I love how when you click on the Tillie link, there’s this big ‘Add to my bag’ button. Yeah, I’ll just do that, shall I.

    You know my feelings on the Alexa. Still love the Neely though!


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