Tea in Bath

A few weeks ago, my friend Ally asked if I would like to go to a secret tea party in Bath. I heard tea, I said yes. What can I say, I’m predictable! I met Ally at Colonna & Small’s, a tiny espresso room just around the corner from the tea party venue, the 1805 Rooms at the Theatre Royal

The Secret Tea Party is a new-ish event held by Mrs Stokes, the one we went to was the second event. We were greeted with a glass of champagne – always a good way to start the afternoon!

There was hair stylists and make up artists from Pop Up Parlour available to provide vintage makeovers and hairstyles if you wished. I didn’t  get my hair done, but Ally had her hair put up in rolls and curls (not sure of the technical term!)

Inma from the Pop Up Parlour gave a demonstration about the style of makeup that was done in the 40’s, which was quite interested to me because this is the era that I prefer.

Ah yes, tea. The most important part! Ally and I were seated on a table with three sisters from Bristol – who’s names I’ve forgotten (I am USELESS with names, seriously) which was nicer than being on individual tables – this way you were forced (in a good way!) to talk to other people!

One of the ladies on our table had her hair done for a masquerade ball she had to go to on Saturday night. I loved this hair – its not the best photo (hair is always so difficult to photograph!) but her hair was put up and tied into a bow. Gorgeous!

Of course, there were lots of beautiful china sets available for sale – I was very tempted by the green set you can just about see in the top left photo but I would have been happy to have any/all of them!

There was only one dilemma on the day – is it clotted cream first, or jam?

I think the tea parties are going to be a monthly event, but for more info, head over to the Secret Tea Party Facebook page!


  1. When I read the title of this post I thought you were going to extoll the virtues of drinknig tea in the bath! While I do like a good cuppa in the bath, this looks a bit nicer and a bit posher than that!


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