Filofaxes Are Not Cool

I have a bit of a confession to make.

I don’t like Filofaxes

I know! I blogged about how amazing mine was, and how it was going to help me get myself organised back in July. And it worked! For a while. But then I was bought an iPad for my birthday and started using that in place of the Filofax. In fact, it was only when I started seeing the hashtag “#filofaxclub” appearing from quite a few bloggers on Twitter that I remembered that I had a Filofax, and that I hadn’t used it in about 2 months.

I reorganised my tiny little room this week and found 3 half used Moleskine diaries, so perhaps its not because of the iPad that I’ve not been using the paper diary of a Filofax!

These are the apps I’ve been using in place of a Filofax (or any other type of diary of course!)

The built in calendar and contacts apps – they sync with my computer via MobileMe over the air. What else can I say about these apps – if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, you’ve probably used them at some point.

Finding the 2do app was brilliant. I only bought it last week, but its really helped with my to-do lists. It also syncs with MobileMe (although you pay a bit extra for that) but it finally means I can use the to-do’s bit in iCal properly.

Plain Text is exactly what is says – a plain text app that is a blank page to type on. It syncs all its files to Dropbox, which is a free service and I can then edit the files on my computer. (Dropbox is also useful to get images from my iPhone and iPad quickly)

Hopefully this combination will keep me organised this year! How do you stay organised?


  1. Sophie says

    I’m sad to say I feel the need to write endless lists in my notebook and have a classic paper book diary each year. Would love to synch everything into one place, but for now i’ll stay old school.

  2. Harriet says

    I got a filofax a year or two ago. I *never* used it, and it was a bit of a waste of money… If it helps you organise yourself then great, but I’m not really a fan. I tried to go completely paper free and just use my iphone as an organiser towards the end of last year, but I returned to a paper (Moleskine, what can I say? Total sheep here!) diary this year becasue I missed it so.

    I do still love the TeuxDeux iphone app for all my to-do list needs though. It was made by the blogger Swiss Miss and is very pretty!

  3. Michaela Parker says

    I never realised Filofaxes were ‘cool’, just a good way to organise your life! I have to agree with the other girls and say paper is the way forward for me. I’ve tried using the I-Phone and short of photographing my work rota, I prefer scribbling in my Filofax any day.

  4. Winnie says

    I always wanted a filofax but then realised It was more worthwhile for me to get a normal diary. I’d LOVE an ipad though but unfortunately shelling out for a moleskine diary in the sales is just about as much as I can afford! Loving your organisation!

  5. Tim C says

    I put things in iCal and sync to my iPod and my rubbish Nokia (or when that’s broken, my three-year-old brilliant Nokia). Or the other way round. Or the third way. And I write stuff in my diary.

    Then, I ignore it all, write important things on my hand and forget the rest. At least I’m trying.

  6. Vixel says

    I must admit, I don’t think mine has helped me get organised all that much – my Google calendar still reminds me of when I’m doing what. I do love my Filofax though, I think it’s a tactile thing. It’s all pretty and leather and I like writing in it with coloured pens, even if in all likelihood it’s a waste of time!

  7. Steve Morton says

    Much that I love technology (I’m a radio engineer) I still
    prefer my Filofax to any electronic solution you can try on me.
    I’ve yet to find a calendar app that gets good all round reviews,
    most of them seem to have some glitch or other. In my previous job
    I had to go back to using a paper diary because personal electronic
    devices such as phones, pda’s etc were not allowed in the office.
    So what do you do if you aren’t in 3G coverage or Wifi coverage?
    Can you still function? What if your battery runs out of steam?
    What do you do then?

  8. Lindsay Cochrane says

    I got a Filofax, used it for a good while but then realised
    it’s just too bulky. I carry about enough rubbish in my bag as it
    is, I don’t need a mini ring-binder to add to the


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