Popping The Bubble

As quite a few of the Aber lot are posting blog posts about this, it’s got me thinking as well.

Whilst I loved Aber for the time I was there, theres a very good reason why I’ve not been back since I graduated – because I want to keep it in that happy little bubble.

If I go back, I’ll point out everything thats different, I’ll be sad that the people I loved aren’t there (even if we went back as a group, we’d be staying in a hotel, how can you compare that to kipping on someones floor or staggering up the hill at 4am?) and – this might sound oddest of all – I don’t want to go there with Alex. (Yes, its nice that I don’t have to explain certain Aber stuff, but Alex wasn’t part of *my* Aber life, so it would be wrong to be there with him.)

There’s no more Beggars night (how shit faced could you get spending less than 50p a drink – as it turned out, very, because that was first year, and Beechings did shots of tequila for 50p.) No more Y Bae (a scummy shit pub but cheap and opened late). Not even The Glen, which closed in second year, ending skanky dancing and all you could eat and drink for £10.

But I love what I have now, I love that so many of the Aber lot are around the Bristol area, or a reasonable journey away. I love that when we all get together for a wedding or whatever, nothing has changed that much in the group. I even love that things like Twitter and Facebook have made it easy to stay in contact.

I love Aber, but you won’t find me going back any time soon.


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