Oh, Vivienne

The name Vivienne always makes me think of this chap:

Or these dresses:

Both things I love. (I was a massive Young Ones fan back in t’day when I were a lass…erm, when I was in Year 5 I think! Also, it was filmed in Bristol. The University Challenge episode has a great scene running around Temple Meads 30 years ago as Ace of Spaces plays. Brilliant. Even better, you can watch it for free on SeeSaw.)

But when it comes to shoes, Vivienne can only mean these beautiful shoes from Vivienne Westwood. And, with the British weather as crap as it is (I bet its raining or just stopped raining as you read this), they’re almost practical being made of plastic. Honestly, I need to buy at least a pair of ankle boots. It would just be silly of me not to wouldn’t it?

I love these Bow Detail Ankle Boots (£90) because they do look like they would be practical, but with a funky twist (how cute is that bow?) The thick grip sole is a necessity, because I’m quite clumsy at the best of times, but add in some rain or snow, and I’m usually on my bottom as soon as I step outside.

The Button Detail Ankle Boots(£90) are similar to the bow ones, but with big gold shiny buttons on the side. I’m not as in love with these as I am the bow detail ones, purely for the fact that I don’t really like yellow gold. (This is important, you should totally be making notes here)

These Three Strap 2 Tone Flats (£88) are a bit less of an outdoorsy sort of shoe (does that make sense? I guess I mean its a bit more of a summery sort shoe. What sort of weather do you wear your flats in?) but still being made of the plastic material, they’re quite practical in case of sudden downpours (because in this country, that happens quite a bit sadly)

Maybe then, the Ultra Girl Lace Bow Front Flats(£70) are even less practical with a pretty lace bow at the front (is that made of plastic or fabric? I can’t tell!) but its such a cute style that I can’t resist.

Vivienne Westwood said that “The most amazing thing about this partnership was to be able to create modern products of a very high quality, but at affordable prices,” which I think is a fair enough comment. OK, so I wish the prices were a little lower, because I’m a cheapskate (and a poor girl!) but if you think about it, these are probably shoes you could wear every day, and not have to switch from your wellies to your office shoes. Using girl logic, that makes them totally cheap and insanely practical. And of course, being a girl is all about being practical.


  1. Charley M says

    I am obsessed with Vivienne’s collaboration with Melissa! Two brilliant designers get together and create a collection of shoes that I want every single one of :) Love the booties and those bow flats, oh payday…when will you arrive again?!

  2. Vixel says

    I love my sexy 3-strap red heels, they’re so comfy I’m now desperate to obtain more of the collection. I keep considering the 3-strap flats, but I think the boots might “win” once the winter weather starts!

  3. Sian says

    Plus they smell gorgeous! My wedding shoes, the Lady Dragons with big hearts, now have pride of place as my prettiest (and most extravagant) room fragrancer. Just wish I could walk in them! Love those three strap flats!


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