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I’ve been trying to take photos to show how my week has gone, and its only when I’ve put them all together like this that I’ve realised this week was about food!

In terms of lunch, I’ve been pretty good! I bought a new lunch box (oh the excitement) and filled it with salads, fresh fruit and sugar free jelly. Yum! Good work me.

…which was all undone quite quickly by another milkshake and a burger at Rocotillos. Sadly, the burgers don’t seem as fat as they used to be, they don’t drop grease everywhere and the chips were horrible french fries. Disappointing. I met up with Abbi, Amanda and Ella for milkshakes and a bit of a gossip. We all follow each other on Twitter, and who needs an excuse for a milkshake? I want one now actually.

Finally, Dominos has opened up south of the river. I can’t explain how excited I was by the flyer that dropped through our door. For the past 2 years, I’ve been Dominos-less. I’ve had to go round to peoples houses just to satisfy my Texas BBQ craving (and yes, I’ve ended up buying quite a few pots of their dip to take home with me. Sad? Possibly. Delicious? Definitely.)

I was so excited that we ordered Dominos for dinner on Friday night, because since I last ordered it for myself, they’ve brought in this new thing where you can see where the pizza is. HOW AMAZING IS THAT? I kept annoying Alex to refresh the page until it said it was out for delivery. I was slightly surprised that with all the tracking of the pizza, the drivers themselves don’t have something like Google Latitude to tell the customer where they are on the road!

We stocked up on the dip again because its too good not to eat with everything. If only it was sold in the supermarkets!

Alex went up to York on Thursday night to visit his old colleagues, so I took advantage of being home alone and plastered on the face masks, Biore nose strips (why, why is it so compelling to inspect the strip when you’ve pulled it off your nose and be disgusted yet slightly impressed with all the crap its pulled out of your pores? I know you lot do it as well.) and followed a tip that we were given at one of the Aussie events recently where instead of leaving the 3 Minute Miracle conditioner on your hair for the 3 minutes, leaving it on all night. My hair was so lovely and soft the next morning! While I was looking like a creature from the Black Lagoon, I dug out my styling products because I keep forgetting to use them. I didn’t realise I had so much stuff! (OK, yes I did, I realised that when I moved recently)

Yesterday I bought Wii Fit Plus and the Balance Board, in the hope that I’ll use it to do some exercise. The new version is so much fun, and you can even weigh the dog (see, theres Fern next to me!)

You might have noticed recently that a new little thing has popped up in the side bar (if you visit the site anyway!) Yes, I’ve set up a little Facebook page for the blog, which can be found (of course) at

My best friend Helen has started blogging again, and has instantly made me jealous of her birthday trip to the Roberts Bakery in Northwich. This might sound like a weird thing to want to do, or be jealous of, to most people, but you’re weirdo southerners (who I like very much but still) but Roberts bread is one of the few things I miss from Chester (that is obviously not a person before anyone gets upset).

I managed to get to 30,000 tweets yesterday! Crazy!

Charity shops. I know so many people who adore a bit of charity shop shopping, but I hate it. I can never find anything that I like, and I’m also quite lazy. Thankfully, one of the local hospices in Bristol has set up their own eBay account so you can pick up a few bargains. St Peters Hospice cares for people in the Bristol area with incurable cancer and other life-limiting illnesses, so by buying something from their eBay shop, you’re helping!

I’ve mentioned it before, but Fuck Yeah Bristol is one of the best Tumblrs ever, celebrating the awesome city of Bristol. Check out the archive to see some really gorgeous and awesome pictures (my favourite is the grannys bopping each other on the head with their walking stick!

* all Amazon links in this entry are affiliate links, meaning if you click it and buy the item, I get a little percentage. I think.


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