Question Time: Helen

I’ve asked some of my friends and favourite bloggers to answer a few questions about summer time…first up is Helen (aka Bel), who I’ve known since I moved schools at the age of 7. She was my “buddy” on my first day, and we’ve been friends ever since. Aah.

For those people who might not read your blog or follow you on Twitter, tell us the basics about you

Ok, well I’m 25 (ok almost 26 but I’m clinging onto 25 for as long as I can!) and I live in Chester and work at a Solicitors as a paralegal doing Industrial Disease work. It’s not a bad job, as with any work you have good days and bad days but in general I like my job even though I sort of got into it by accident and it was actually supposed to just be a temporary job while I looked for something related to my degree…

That takes me to uni, I went to Lincoln University and did a psychology degree (which is why I don’t have a job related to my degree!). I didn’t spend a lot of time in uni or even in the same city as I had a boyfriend in Manchester at the time so it’s pretty amazing that I actually finished my course and ended up with a 2:1.

For the past two years I’ve sort of just been getting on with life, going to work, going home and doing the odd thing or two but since one of my BFF’s (I did say one of my BFF’s Hayles!) has just returned from Australia, we have decided to try and do as much stuff as possible so my life is pretty hectic at the moment. I’ve just started salsa dancing, am actually going to gym classes rather than just being a member of the gym and have started riding my bike lots. I even walked up Moel Famau last weekend! (Although I might not look it, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to exercise and so it’s a big step for me to be so active lately!). Ooh I’m also going to try and relearn some languages starting with German then Spanish.

Is that enough about me? I’ll carry on anyway…I have a blog but I haven’t posted anything on it in ages, I do have a list of stuff to write about and it is on my to do list as I’ve done lots of fun stuff lately and I need to tell everyone about it all!

Just in case you want to know about hellybellybutt the early years…I grew up in Huntington and went to the local primary school (that is where I met hayles and our beautiful friendship grew over chippy chips and knickerbockerglories!). Nothing of much interest happened, it was a normal childhood then off to high school, working in Sainsburys and off to uni. That’s pretty much it I think.

Whats the most exciting thing you’re looking forward to this summer?

I have loads of things to look forward to this summer. Next weekend I’m off to Edinburgh for one of my uni friend’s hen party, I haven’t seen her in ages so it’ll be really nice to catch up with her. Then the weekend after that my sister is getting married!!!! I’m a bridesmaid and I have been given the task of looking after my nephew (I call him Doozer) for the day and to make sure drunk relatives don’t feed him beer! I also have a trip to Bristol in the pipeline, not entirely sure when but it will be happening soon. Then the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is Oktoberfest in September (I kid you not!) with Carly, I’ve never been to Germany but always wanted to go and what better time than for the beer festival?!

What bands/songs/albums will be the soundtrack to your summer?

I’ve not really been listening to the radio lately so haven’t heard much new stuff but all my train trips will involve my ipod so it’ll be my classics, Journey (although tv has ruined this slightly, I’m not blaming Glee but it seems to be everywhere lately), I also love R Kelly’s Ignition, it’s a total uni song and gets me in the summer mood, I can’t help but dance to it.

Where is the strangest place you’ve been on holiday?

I haven’t really been to that many places, so not sure I have a strange destination. One of my oddest holidays was to Holland with my granny, granddad and cousin when I was 18, I think I was sent to look after everyone and they needed it! Unfortunately we didn’t know at the time but my granny was in the early stages of dementia so there were lots of strange, but quite funny things going on. It was a great holiday though.

What song (old or new) instantly makes you think of summer?

R Kelly – Ignition or Len – Steal My Sunshine oh and Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl (which I have on SingStar and I rock it – oh yeah!)

Whats the most embarrassing thing thats happened to you on a holiday?

I’m not sure if I was embarrassed as I was half dying at the time but my first holiday with a boyfriend after my A-levels was to Salou in Spain. The day we were leaving I woke up at about 5am and felt very ill, I ran to the toilet and started throwing up but I choked on it and had to bang on the floor to get my boyf’s attention so he could stop me choking. It was traumatic and I was ill for the next week, to make it worse our plane was delayed so I spent 8 hours sitting on the toilet floor in the airport and was even sick as we walked to the plane, it was awful!

Whats the best iced lolly: FAB, Magnum, Mini Milk or other?

Twisters all the way! you have to scrape the ice cream bit out and eat it with your finger then pick the green bits off and eat them, then you can suck the red it. I am disappointed there aren’t any jokes on the sticks anymore though.

Did you look forward to the end of summer as a kid or did you dread going back to school?

I loved the holidays but I also loved school, particularly as you got to see your friends everyday. I did love the going back to school shop but that might be cause I have a bit of a thing for stationery!

What five things are essential for the perfect summers day?

  1. Friends
  2. Some choons
  3. A ball/frisbee/anything fun to do, can’t stand just lazing about in the sun
  4. Ice cold cocktails
  5. A fire and some marshmallows to toast for when it gets a bit chilly in the night.

Anything else to add?

I is acicles, also Hayles is acicles although I think this is only because she learnt how to be acicles from me!

Ta Bel! You can follow her on Twitter at @hellybellybutt or read her blog (and pester her to update!)
If anyone else is interested in answering some questions, drop me an email – hi (at)



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