E-Mail Is Awesome, So There

I think its been mentioned previously on Foshiznik that Tim and I have a bit of a running joke about the “Sent from my iPhone” signature that my iPhone likes to pop on the end of every email just to show off that it is an iPhone. (I’m a little surprised that it doesn’t specifically say which model it is, for added showing off)

However, what came up in one of these e-mail conversations was that e-mail feels like a very old fashioned form of conversation. Think about it. When, in a non work context, did you last email someone? You normally would just IM them, “poke” them on Facebook, @ or DM them on Twitter, or even text them, but who emails people anymore?

I love emails. I like being able to say a lot more than I can via a DM, I like not being limited to Facebook, and I like that an email doesn’t care if someone is logged on or not.

I still love writing and recieving letters (written with a fountain pen on some lovely paper) but since I hate Royal Mail so much (do not even get me started on how much I hate my postman!), emails are a good substitute.

If you would like to write me an email, my address is hi (at) ceriselle.org. Tell me anything. Except about that funny scar on your bottom. I never need to know about that.


  1. Matt Gibson says

    Increasingly, personal email is becoming what a good old-fashioned letter used to be for me. There’s a fairly select list of real people I actually know with whom I correspond.

    Plus, it’s stopped being such an instant form of communication for me; my friend Emily and I each take a few weeks to respond to each other. This may be because, otherwise, nothing interesting enough to write about has happened in the meantime…

    Despite the fact that I don’t want to reply instantly, I have a small select list of people who get a different “New Mail!” sound from my normal one, and it makes me happy when I hear it :)

    Sent from my iPhone GTi XL+
    .-= Matt Gibson´s last blog ..Photography =-.

  2. Zoe Corkhill says

    I really love emails too. There are a few friends I email regularly and my mum as well. I love that you can write them at any time and know that the recipitant can read it as soon as they log in; no waiting for snail mail yet the convenience to send one whenever you feel like it!

    I love to write letters as well, although when they are to someone I talk to often there is always the risk of my telling them something on the phone that is on it’s way to them in ink! I think I’d like an old fashioned pen friend!

  3. Eleanor says

    I love email too, since I get it delivered on my phone its instant and so convenient! A good long email gossip/rant between friends is always fun :D

    Thought I would say Hi, as I’m going to the Aussie Angel party on Saturday night :) Will see you there!

    Ellie x


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