Shoe Amnesty

Back in December, I moved house, and the Wife brought her car up to help. She was shocked (and to be honest, I think slightly impressed actually) by the amount of shoes I had. It took a few boot loads of her husbands BMW to move them all. They were then piled up in a 5′ high tower in the front room.

Since then, both the Wife and the Boy have been nagging me to get rid of some of the collection. After 4 months of “but you have over 100 pairs, why do you need that many, I only have one pair, and they are on my feet” (a blatent lie from Alex, since I have found 4 pairs of trainers in his house whilst unpacking from his recent move. Considering in 6 months, I’ve never seen him wear trainers, this is actually more impressive than my collection)

So after careful consideration (which was mostly “will I wear these again” and “did they make my feet bleed”) I managed to get rid of nearly half of the shoes (21 pairs to be exact)

The front row of shoes are all completely unworn. You might notice a theme there…I have finally accepted that I can’t wear brown. Just have no idea how to wear brown things!

The other pairs…

Yes, they are disgusting. These are the shoes that made my feet bleed (thanks Birkinstocks, I’m so happy I wasted £40 on you and wore you once before realising the crippling pain wasn’t a good thing), the shoes that had holes in the front after a few wears, the fabricy shoes that fell apart after a downpour (yet I’d still wear them cause I couldn’t bear to throw them out! Eugh!) and the shoes that are just worn out.

I now have 25 pairs left, which includes my beautiful heels, 3 pairs of trainers and a pair of wellies that have a small hole in the heel.

Obviously I should buy more shoes because I have the space now. Good idea?


  1. The Girl says

    I’m impressed, I don’t think you have too many at all! Although maybe that’s because I have a similar affliction. I do need to go and have a dawn raid on my shoes at some point but I’m just not ready to let go yet!

    (And yes, obvs you can buy more shoes. GO GO GO!)

  2. Alison Young says

    wish I could wear heels but have short arse other half!!impressive shoe haul,don’t think I’ve owned a hundred pairs after 40 something years!!

  3. Kate says

    I really should throw out some of my old fally aparty shoes but then I’d have to buy replacements and break them in because every pair has a purpose. Or certain outfits that only go with those shoes. It’s complex this being a girl thing.

    The thing I’ve noticed is that boys complain about the number of girl shoes but mine is a collection that’s evolved over many years. His 3 or 4 pairs get replaced annually.
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..I can see why people study this =-.


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