Goodbye 6Music?

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Twitters been all ablaze since last weeks “leaked” BBC document (now confirmed) that as part of cost cutting measures, 6Music and the Asian Network at to be closed, as well as BBC Online to be “scaled back”

Whilst I’m not too fussed personally about the closure of the Asian Network (lets face it, I’m not exactly the target audience) I can see why its a problem if it is shut down as its such a niche product. I doubt there will be many (if any) commercial based replacements from any of the major broadcasters.

When I’ve been able to listen to it, I love 6Music. But theres the problem. When I’m able to listen to it. Because 6Music is a digital only station, its difficult to listen to it in the typical places I would listen to the radio. Its fine if you like to listen to the radio whilst sitting at your computer (and even then thats dependant on whether you have a decent enough connection to the Internet, and if you’re at work, whether you’re allowed to listen to the radio) or if you like to listen to it in your front room (using either a DAB tuner or your TV) but most people choose to listen to the radio in their car or on their phone. Digital only stations soon become pretty useless.

Cutbacks for BBC Online can only be a bad thing – the Beeb produces a massive amount of content online every year, which is usually a good place to start when researching something. Personally, I don’t tend to believe a news story on Twitter until BBC News has covered it – its only real when its on the BBC.

Everyone has their own theories on how these cutbacks could be avoided. Many people have suggested getting rid of Chris Moyles from Radio 1 as his salary is allegedly the same amount needed for 6Music (I’m totally against that – Moyles is the only thing that gets me up in the morning. Whilst we’re on this topic, is it really that likely that he would recieve £6m per year? And if he does, why is it not on the above “BBC-o-gram“? On that same note, why keep Jonathan Ross? Why pay Graham Norton £2.5m?)

Why not get rid of 1Xtra? Cut down on soaps or childrens TV (Why is so much being spent on childrens TV whilst teen output is being axed?) Stop broadcasting Radio 3 or BBC Parliament?

No matter what is done, its bound to be unpopular with someone. If you feel strongly on this, head over here to sign a petition or two to save 6Music and the Asian Network, search for #save6music on Twitter, or read the open letter to the BBC Trust from PWL on his blog…..


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