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Review: Kick Ass

So after the fiasco (Isn’t that such a good word?) of the mixed up dates, I eventually saw Kick Ass. Unfortunatly Alex was finishing off packing to move to his new house (much closer to Bristol, only 10 mins on the direct bus from my house. Marv.) so I took along an old colleague, Nick, with me. I had to do this for my own sanity, as Nick was bombarding me with emails and DM’s begging to go.

The screening in one of the smaller screens at the Vue was pretty packed by the time we got there 10 mins before the start time. We were subjected to the usual trailers, including one from the company that arranged the viewing. The reason why these companies have advanced showings is that they want people to give their opinions, and hopefully that gets other people to go see the movie when it comes out.

Well, here I am, telling you that you *have* to see this movie. In fact, I’m willing to go see it again with Alex because it is that awesome.  As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m not your typical reviewer. So, because he has to earn his ticket somehow, I’ll let @nickbrompton tell his version

I’m not sure when I first became aware of Kick Ass, probably one of the upcoming film previews in Empire Magazine, of which I have been an avid reader for years & a subscriber for a while. I usually take quite a lot of notice of things when they get excited as I tend to find their taste similar to mine – they like art house but sometimes a crap 80’s action movie is just what you need, but Kick Ass didn’t really stick in my head.

Maybe it was because I hadn’t seen director Matthew Vaughan & screenwriter Jane Goldman’s other collaboration (Stardust, though it’s now recorded to watch at home), maybe it was because it stars Nic Cage, & all Nic Cage films for the last 5 years have been utter bobbins. Whatever it was I wasn’t excited, there were big movies like Avatar & Clash of the Titans to look forward to.

This all changed over the winter when I clicked on a link from a twitter feed, not sure who’s it was, maybe Kevin Smith or Edgar Wright but it took me to a trailer featuring Nic Cage & a young girl who uses very very bad language. I watched it at work & nearly fell of my chair, half with laughter, half with shock.  The trailer was surprising, funny, violent & utterly brilliant.  It went round the office like wild fire, everyone was excited.  I took it home & showed my girlfriend & housemate, who both instantly became excited.

Fast forward, spring is in the air, birds are singing & @hayles tweets that she might have a spare ticket to a preview of Kick Ass – I got excited & replied I’d go if there was one spare. This is Thursday night, apparently the Boy might not be able to make it, I cross my fingers & try offering bribery. Then it turns out the Boy can go on Monday night & all my hopes & dreams are dashed (not really but you get point).

Now avid followers of this blog will by now know that Hayley got the days wrong – the preview wasn’t until Tuesday night & by Tuesday afternoon it was confirmed once more that the Boy can’t go – hooray for our hero I hear you all not shouting! I get there, we buy treats, the cinema is packed & we don’t have the greatest seats but soon the trailers are done & the film begins.

2 hours later we emerge, smiling, laughing, wanting to buy jet packs & wet suits. The film is by turns, funny, violent, very sweary, visually inventive and has a great soundtrack.

It runs a fine line between quite touching realism of the life of a teenage boy & fantastical sequences of beautifully choreographed ultra violence. Each set piece is inventive & unique, all the characters get their turn at being funny, there are endless brilliant comic book references (I think repeat viewings will only find more) & Nic Cage does his best work since Con Air (& nearly redeems Adam West from Family Guy joke).

I loved the film, I want to write & share each funny line with you, to describe in detail the action & to swear as only a purple haired pre teen can. But I won’t. It wouldn’t be fair. You should go see this film yourself, you should take your mates & have the most fun you will have had in the cinema for ages, then you should go see it again so it makes loads of money & Hollywood takes notice & starts making more films like this.

If you liked Zombieland, or Spaced, or you just want a great couple of hours then you won’t get much better than this.

3D, shmee dee

It seems that everywhere you look these days, everything is in 3D.

Well, duh, of course.

What I mean by that is, from movies to tv’s, games consoles to magazines, 3D is the technology du jour.

Magazines? That doesn’t seem right?

This weeks issue of Grazia is a first apparently, where AR (augmented reality) codes will be placed next to articles, ready to be snapped on a phone or computer with the relevant app which will then redirect the user to a video, webpage – whatever.

It’s an interesting use, particulary as this is a market that (in the UK at least) has only recently started to take advantage of the growing number of smart phones in our grasp.

However in reality, its quite disappointing. Despite Grazia promoting within the magazine that “ooh, you can do all this on your iPhone”, it doesn’t seem like anyone mentioned this to the app developers. Which, to be honest, is quite annoying. The magazine promotes how you can look at a 360 degree view of the products on certain pages, watch videos of how to do a smoky eye look, and look at various other fashion type things, but the app only seems to know how to play “You Got The Love” by the cover star, Florence Welch. Even the “bonus features” that are actually in the app, such as the gimmick of blowing into the mic to make Florence spin around didn’t work for me, and once again I ended up listening to “You Got The Love”, a song which quite honestly, I’m bored of now!

Its a good idea, and I’d love to see this as a regular feature in magazines, but the iPhone app needs a lot more work! If you want to have a go at this, this is the latest issue of Grazia and should be available till Monday 29th March

Loser Kid

There are a few things that I’ve not quite gotten round to telling the boyfriend yet.

  1. I know all the dance routine to “Could It Be Magic” by Take That
  2. When I was a teenager, I used to want to be Buffy. Like, style wise. I could do without the staking vampires thing, thank you very much.
  3. I had a bit of an obsession with Busted back in my second year of Uni.

(OK, so there are others, but I’m not going to tell you lot them just yet!)

The Jump. Oh dear lord, the JUMP

For that third one, I fully blame my friend Jackie. We met via Livejournal in my second year at uni, sharing loves of crap music, dodgy dancing and wine and it just so happened that she was in some of my modules (My degree was so backwards, I did third year modules in second year, and second year modules in fourth year. Is it any wonder no one understands what Business Finance is, when even Aber Uni don’t know?

I was not quite heartbroken when Busted split up, but I was disappointed that there would be no more jump kicks by the band with three guitarists and not much else. Sorry McFly, I do love you, but at the time, you were just that odd little band who did “5 Colours In Her Hair”. We lay the blame for the split with Charlie – that Fightstar band would never amount to much anyway.

However, when Jackie tweeted at me that Busted were possibly going to get back together, I let out a little *squee* of excitement. And of course, that meant watching this brilliant montage from Popworld (Oh SIMON.) Lets face it, everyone loves a montage, and this one features stupid giggles, two eggs and “Sleeping With The Light On” performed on a plastic guitar, tambourine and kazoo.

Since of course this isn’t just one song, I thought I’d pop the video for “What I Go To School For” here. You know you love to sing along.

I’m off to find what Busted I have on my Singstar discs. And to do THE JUMP.

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