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So the current meme floating about is to sign up for a page and get people to ask random anonymous questions. I’ve had a fair few questions sent my way, so thought I’d post the ones that made me laugh the most:

Why do you love Singstar?
Really? Thats a question? If you haven’t played it, then maybe you should. Singstar is so much fun, its like singing in the shower, except with clothes on, and with your friends.

What will you name your first child?
Lord Megatron
Actually, I’ve never given it too much thought.I’m supposed to have a list aren’t I? I am a bad girl.

rank yr top 10 root veg
1) Parsnip
2) Butternut Squash
3) Potato
4) Onion
5) Carrot
6 – 10 oh god I don’t know any more veg

What size shoes do you wear, and would you rate your obsessiveness with footwear as being 1 (very low) or 11 (very high)? Do you need to me to invent a ’12’ on this scale to cover your passion?
Actually, I wouldn’t class it as an “obsession”. Its a healthy love between a girl and some shoes.

do you know we think yr the cat’s jimmy’s?
You lovely bastards.
Of course I don’t, I don’t do compliments. I think this is a compliment. I hope it is.

Terminator or Transformers? Beware, the one known as Lord Megatron may be watching your answer to this one…………
Fuck, none of them. I have never seen any Terminator movies, and was only forced to watch both Transformers movies in one night to “understand the Lord Megatron better” I already understand the Lord Megatron. He’s a massive homo.

Vital statistics! Dress size, bra size? How are the masses supposed to send you gifts if the info remains a closely guarded secret with NDA attached? ;)
Dress size: 12/14.
Bra size: far too depressingly big since the Wife made me get molested by a little old woman in John Lewis. She called it being measured. Huh.

If you would like to see the rest of the questions, or maybe add your own, head over here like, now.


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