On The Move!

This suitcase is far better traveled than I. The story can be read here.

After many months of being put off, the flatmate (Max) and I are moving to a new little house, pretty much around the corner from where we are now. Yay!

Just in time really, as we have been without electric lights on the first floor (main room and bathroom) for about two weeks now. Whilst the novelty of doing things by candlelight was fun, after a few days it just got boring. Bathing by candlelight can be romantic. Showering by candlelight at half 6 in the morning is not. (Have since resorted to a camping stove light, much brighter, but not bright enough!)

As people may remember from last time I moved (was it really last May?!) I am the queen of packing procrastination, however I seem to have excelled myself this time by going to London and Bath over four days. Really? Was that such a good idea? (The sensible answer is no, the happy girl answer is oh hells yeah)

Max has been amazing, and has done most of the packing, taking time off work to move shiz, etc. Honestly don’t know what I would have done without him organising stuff!

I have so much to blog about, not forgetting of course the epic trip to London last week with Zoe. She’s blogged about our trip here, so go read that until I find five minutes to scribble something down!

Finally. Some people say I have too many shoes

Considering I found a pair of shoes (and the matching bag!) in this pile that I wore once in 2006, I’m starting to think they are right.


  1. Zoe says

    Hmm. What size feet are you?! I might be able to help you with that shoe infestation.. I could take some off your hands, for a low, low cost – free! :-P

    Showering by candlelight does not sound fun! Good luck with the move, and well done for starting packing finally (even if you have spent half the time ogling your shoes)!

  2. Max says

    I can count twenty four pairs of shoes there, using my elementary maths. Knowing that’s not all of them, i reach the consensus that yes, you DO have too many pairs of shoes! I have less than half that, and I manage (although I do frequently wish I had more).

  3. The Girl says

    How good is it though when you find shoes you’d forgotten about?! I went through all mine a while ago with the intention of doing some throwing out and spent most of the time going “Oh my god I LOVE these shoes! I can’t believe I forgot I had them!”

    Hope the new place is great. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  4. Bel says

    Before I moved I counted my shoes and had 50 pairs! I have gotten rid of some but on recent shopping trips I accidentally bought some more -oops!


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