Oops, Spangles

One of the problems with working on the Triangle in Clifton is that I’m very close to some of my favourite shops (JoY, Borders and Cath Kidston to name a few). Another problem is that since Cabot Circus opened, more stores in Broadmead and Cabot Circus are open until 8pm. This turns out to be the best time to go to the new Primark that opened up a few months ago. Oops.
Primark has a great collection of evening festive wear, with most items having at least some sparkly bit. I (like most girls) love spangles and jewel coloured satiny things. Which might be why I ended up with the following items yesterday.

Two tops, probably to be worn for work (I am on a real smart clothes kick at the moment, I had forgotten just how much I love dressing up!)

A sequined covered hat. They had these in so many bright colours, but black sequins are easier to wear every day!

photo 2

Possibly the bargain of the day (and slightly tacky, but who cares) – sparkly fake Converses for the excellent price of £1. The set of three laces next to them were also a pound. I kinda wish I could still wear trainers for work.


This tiara was £3, and although I’ll probably never wear it out of the house, every girl needs to act like a princess now and then. Even if it is just to do the washing up in.


  1. Bel says

    OMG! I totally need spangley trainers, get me some (not only are they super cool, it would also make us trainer buddies!)
    Size 7 pleasies, bring them at Chrimbo or post and I shall pay you (in cash or in other way if you would prefer ;) – just to freak you out!)
    Love yooooouuu! xxx

  2. Emma says

    I have those pumps in black with pink spangles – they’re great! I have a spangly sequinned black hat, too, but my son insists people will laugh at me if I wear it in public. Nice child :-/

  3. Vixel says

    I haven’t been to Primark in ages, but you appear to have purchased a really nice haul there! I may have to take a look myself at the weekend!

  4. Winnie says

    Love the shoes, I actually bought some new pumps today too, I got some purple Keds for running around shopping and going to uni in! Gotta have some comfy shoes for the daily errands!

  5. The Girl says

    I haven’t been to Primani in too long. I used to live in there but when I switched office buildings I moved too far away. But with Christmas approaching all I can think of is the expense – presents and nights out – argh! Primark could be my saviour for the nights out at least!


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