The Good, The Bad…

…and something else

I know, it’s been a bit quiet around here. That’s partly because I’ve been pretty unwell for a few weeks, but also because I’ve been going out a lot more (please note, I am not complaining about going out.)

Here’s a bit of a post where I almost mention what’s been going on.

Purple Confetti, originally uploaded by Caro’s Lines.

The Good

  • Spending many evenings at the Banco Lounge drinking tea. I am tea’d out most nights we go. This makes me quite happy
  • A full calendar. I put any event that happens into my Google Calendar, so I can see what I did on a certain date. (This has proven to be useful more than once, and is not just me being very anal)
  • Knee high socks and thick thick tights. Keeping my legs all toasty warm, which is always a good thing.
  • Being spoilt, just a little bit. Of course, being pampered in Birmingham was awesome, but there’s no way I could do that every week.
  • BFF’s. Seeing Helen last weekend was awesome, but made me sad I don’t see her as much I see Louise (aka The Wife). She totally needs to move closer. I love that I can tell those two anything, and whilst they usually mock me, they do answer my trés stupid and/or embarressing questions.
  • Mini hot water bottles from Paperchase. Small enough to fit in my work bag, big enough to make my back feel better. And it’s so cute!
  • Hocus Pocus. It’s almost Halloween, which means you should curl up on the sofa (with a cup of tea, of course) and watch this film. Also, I’m pretty sure Helen, Zoe and I tried to do the walk after leaving Red last weekend. We weren’t drunk, just…erm…happy. Yeah.

The Bad

  • Not keeping up to date. A full calendar means that on the days when I’m not going out after work, I tend to go to bed early. Which means I’m not keeping up to date with my money diary. I have a drawer full of reciepts to decipher :(
  • Things breaking. As I waited for my train last week, I ended up buying a pair of Skullcandy Lowrider headphones. After a 10 minute battle with the packaging (seriously, people were watching me on the platform) I got into them and enjoyed listening to music on the way back to Bristol. Fast forward to Friday morning. I was waiting for the lift at work, and went to take my headphones off. All of a sudden – crack! They had snapped in half right on the band. After a struggle with 3 different employees at HMV, I managed to get a refund, but now I’m really put off Skullcandy and HMV.
  • Work. I’m still temping at the same place as before, and whilst I am actually being spoken to now, I’m really not enjoying what I’m doing. My poor little brain is being underused, so I end up overthinking other stuff. Not good.
  • Doctors. As mentioned, I’ve been ill. The main things are fatigue, joint aches and headaches. But since all my blood tests (they took 5 or 6 vials, all to test different things!) came back “normal“, the doctors say there’s nothing wrong. Right. Because it’s totally normal for a 26 year old to be so exhausted all the time.

And finally, happy first anniversary to one of my favourite couples, Alec and Suz. Can’t believe its been a year since their awesome wedding in London :)


  1. Hurray for the good stuff – especially drinking tea and mini hot water bottles from Paperchase (gonna look for them next time I’m in Manchester!).

    Boo for the bad stuff – feel for you with the work stuff. I hated temping and feeling like my brain was slowly disappearing out of my ears because it wasn’t being used. Also boo to the Drs and feeling ill – hope it gets sorted out soon.

    (And the baubles/bells on the cards are indeed a hobbycraft special!!)

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. Keep pushing the docs. I know those symptoms well and unfortunately there’s a LOT of things it can be, some of which don’t have a blood test. They’ll get there in the end. In the meantime, I can give you pointers on fatigue management if it’ll help?



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