The Joys of Temping

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I’ve been temping since I left Chester last year, and it doesn’t really get any easier. I am really missing working in an office on a permament basis, and although I was at my last role for 11 months, I always knew I would have to leave.
Temping feels quite a soul destroying thing to do, since no one is usually interested in talking to the temp or even remembering their names! As a temp, its unlikely that you’ll be included in the office jokes and traditions, like putting kisses at the end of emails, going to lunch (and accidentally taking longer than you should!) or going out on a night out. You just have to keep quiet and get the work done.
The problem I have is that I honestly don’t know what I want to do on a career type basis. I like organising things (people, events, items), I like economics, I like blogging and I like drinking a lot of tea. Sadly there is not much call for an economist girl writer who drinks a lot of tea.

This little ramble has been brought to you by the fact that I am bored of temping, and have far too much time to think whilst auditing paperwork. (The job and the company are nice, but it feels very lonely!)


  1. Suz says

    Come work with me! Publishing is super ace.

    It’s right by Didcot station so you could still live in Brizzle, and we could have cake breaks together :o)

    Sorry it’s getting you down lovely, you should initiate these things – ask people if they want to break for tea, and just get in people’s faces so they stop seeing you as a temp!


  2. The Girl says

    Hurray for economics!! As an economics graduate no-one ever shares my love of the economics :(

    After I finished my MSc in 2006 I had to move back to Hull to live with my Mum (lack of the pennies) and started temping just for something to do. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life – only that I didn’t want to lose my soul and work for one of the big accounting type firms (KPMG I’m looking at you!!).

    I began a temping job in Jan 2007 and I’m still here now! I’ve gradually moved about from office monkey to receptionist and am now a research assistant. Thing is I would never have thought of going in to this but now I’m here I really enjoy it.

    Don’t really know what I’m saying here. I guess, just don’t worry, the right thing will turn up when you least expect it.

    • Hayley says

      Noone understands the economics love! I love reading books on companies and that sort of thing, and had a massive obsession about Enron back in uni (seriously, things are bad when you write an essay and the lecturer has to borrow books from you to check facts!)


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