…is exactly how I feel today.


A slight back story – when I was younger, I did trampolining at school. (Which, yes, is a bit of a random sport to do, but I was better at it than things like netball.) One day, I was doing some sort of twisting jump thing, and somehow twisted my back in an odd way. Since then, I’ve had back pain, which has steadily gotten worse over the years. It had been fine, until I started my new temping job where I’m sat in the most awkward position, with no room to stretch out my legs.

This morning, I walked down to the Royal Mail depot, because I had a Special Delivery letter to collect, and as I walked back to the flat, I could feel the twinges of pain that meant I wasn’t going anywhere.
This is what I’ve done today:

Thats about it.

I don’t care how bad my back is tomorrow, I shall drug myself up and get out of the flat for a bit because I am feeling just the tinest bit stircrazy today!


  1. Zoe says

    Ack, I hope you feel better tomorrow!

    I used to do trampolining as well! Though by the time we got around to doing it at school I was 10x better than everyone else and they were all amazed – maybe because I’d been doing it for an hour every Saturday for 4 years! I gave it up when I was risking black eyes everytime I climbed on the thing, there’s only so much a sports bra can do! :-P

  2. Matt Gibson says

    Temping or not temping, have you talked to your boss to ask about adjusting your workstation somehow? They’re legally required to provide you with an environment that at least doesn’t hurt!

    I was in a car accident a couple of years ago, and ever since, I wake up with a horrible headache every now and again. Used to be once or twice a week; now it’s thankfully a little less often. Plus I’ve had niggling upper back discomfort for a little longer. I’ve found that Alexander Technique lessons has helped in general, but I’m still exploring other ways of sorting my problems out. Unfortunately my GP only likes to deal with one thing at a time, and it’s taking a while to get to my back!

    Anyway. From a fellow sufferer, may your back feel better. And may a Wispa Gold magically appear.

  3. Harriet says

    oh that sounds so rubbish. I hope you do feel better soon, The Cube is an awful awful show… and yet I watched a whole episode last weekend because I *had* to see how the contestants did!

  4. sEf says

    i hear acupuncture is good for buggered up backs, by the way. why does everyone i know have a bum back?! mine’s fine, it’s my feets that hurt!

  5. The Girl says

    Hope your back is feeling better.

    I saw Wispa Golds for the first time this weekend but didn’t have time to dart and get one because I was already in the queue for the checkout. Must keep my eyes peeled next time.

    I loved Trapdoor too! So much that I have a DVD….sad? Me?!


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