I Am 26

God, thats OLD.

Yes, today I am 26. I stayed last night at my dads new pub in Fishponds (and somehow ended up working, sob) and have just come home to find a stack of cards, and a mystery parcel waiting on my desk.

Last night was tiring, and I had Dad tell everyone in the pub the story of my birth. Good times. I didn’t have a present from him to unwrap because I forgot to buy my own present with his credit card. I suggested he let me use his credit card for 26 minutes in the shop of my choice. He said no. I said “But I’d only go to one shop Daddy, only Harvey Nicks!” He said a swear word.

So, remember last weekend when I was housebound because of my back? (Thank you for your kind comments, I wasn’t expecting sympathy, I was just having a winge! Also, how weird is it that everyone seemed to do trampampolining at school?) Inside that envelope I collected was a card and a key. It was from a lovely lady called Lauren, who emailed me recently to ask if I would like to take part in some events Aussie (the hair care company, not the country) are doing as part of “Project Angel“. I was supposed to go to Birmingham and find a box to open having only a cryptic clue to help me.

Head to the capital of South Australia nestles next to its smaller Northern counterpart in Birmingham…”

I was really gutted I couldn’t make it, especially as I love Birmingham (hello Bullring, I love you. This blog entry in 2007 is when I first went there with Suz to try and find a graduation dress for me) and would have invited myself to stay with Zoe and James.
I really wasn’t expecting Lauren to send the box out that would have been my prize for hunting down the silo!



Inside the shiny box was lots of yummy Aussie stuff (as I opened the box, the smell hit me!) and a £25 Topshop card which might have to be put towards a handbag.

Tonight Louise (aka The Wife) and Nathan drove to Bristol where they took me to dinner at Zerodegrees, and now we’re driving back to their house. Happy happy me.

And yes, my back is still fooked. Sigh.



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