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Glossy and Trashy

One of the things I buy too much of are magazines. It seems that all at once, every magazine has things I want to read, and I end up buying a few in a week to devour. It of course doesn’t help that quite a few of my prefered magazines are now weekly publications.

I’ve recently been trying to cut down on the amount of magazines I buy, because in one month, I spent about £30 on magazines (damned imported magazines, and also design magazines)

One magazine that gets me every time though is NYLON. I really like NYLON, its a interesting magazine that we just don’t have anything similar over here. (Seems a bit odd actually, because I’m pretty sure theres a NYLON Japan, yet no British version) The fact that it costs £4 per issue actually helps quite a bit in my cutting down, but theres still a rather large pile of magazines in the basket next to the sofa.

So, any ideas on what I can do with the magazines? And what do you prefer to read?

An Actual FAQ! (Just the one)

I’ve had quite a few people asking me the same sorts of questions lately, mostly about how I have this blog set up (and also about what happened to my feet. They were cut up quite badly from wearing a pair of Birkenstocks. I thought they were meant to be comfortable?)

Anyway, when I write and publish a post, three things happen. One, I have a nice cup of tea. Two, a tweet is sent to my Twitter to let people know that a post has been made. And finally, the whole post is sent over to my LJ.

I use a WP plugin called Twitpress to make those tweets that tell you when a post has been made (and I believe that it can be done for certain posts only)

To send the posts over to LJ, I use the plugin LJXP which can send the post to LJ in whatever form you want – a condensed version so people read the rest of it on your site, or the full version. It can be friends locked on your LJ, and comments can be directed to the post on your website or made on LJ.

And, although I don’t use it on this blog specifically, I also use LoudTwitter to publish a days worth of tweets to my LJ (which was looking a little dusty from the lack of use before) which seems to be working fine now after a few weeks of sporiadic postings.

Hope that helps someone at least! Now its time for the tea!

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