You know those ads on Facebook that appear and tell you that you could get this product for 5% off? Ads are so easy to skip on mobile Facebook, so it was lucky that I spotted the Pawsomebox offer to try out the first box for free


Pawsomebox is a monthly subscription box with items tailored for your breed of dog. When I set this up, I did it for Fern (Cocker Spaniel), but it would be useful to have the ability to have a box for two dogs.

In the box, we received a squeaky furry squirrel, some bone shaped biscuits, some dental chews, some dental care spray (as soon as I pulled that one out of the box, Alex and I looked at each other and said “JILL” at the same time! That pup’s breath could kill a man), a spikey bone shaped chew toy and a storage box. There was also a little magazine in the box with a few tips and this cute graphic about how dogs bark in other languages!

The only thing that we didn’t give the dogs was the squirrel, and that was only because Jill is quite destructive. We’ve been pleased with how the blue bone has held up (still looks pretty good, a few months later) and the treats went down well (of course!).

Would I subscribe? Not really. Not because the box isn’t a good idea, but because I feel like if the dogs had this every month, then we’d be overrun with toys! Perhaps if there was an option to subscribe, but only receive boxes every other month, or every quarter, that would be much more suitable!

You can try a box from Pawsomebox for half price by heading to this page

This box wasn’t offered to me because of my blog, it was open to anyone. Fern and Jill’s opinions are not affected by products being given to them for free. Oh, and just because I haven’t posted a pic in ages of them…

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Spa Time!

Lush opened in Chester when I was still in school (so 15 years ago? GOOD LORD) and I hated it. It’s on the corner of two of the main streets and you had to walk past it on the other side of the road otherwise you might die from breathing in the smell.

Man, I’m really not good at selling something, am I?

So that’s why despite having a Lush nearby for most of my life, I’ve never really been a huge fan. Over the last year or so, I’ve been given random bits of Lush goodies (which Alex has promptly used before I could even run a bath) and I’ve even fallen for the hype of Snow Fairy (It smells so good! Why is it only available at Christmas? How many bottles can I buy this year?)

My closest Lush store in Broadmead is fine to supply these things when I need to pop in on my way home from work, but when the Bath Spa spa (spa spa spa) store opened recently, it was lovely to be able to wander around and not worry that I was going to knock something over (which happened in the Bristol store at Christmas when a man pushed me!). The store is beautifully big and airy upstairs, with the downstairs area being home to the spa treatment rooms




















We made up some of the fresh masks that would end up on display before heading downstairs to check out the various spa treatments on offer. I liked the look of Hard Days Night where you wear PJ’s and the therapist moves your body around to a Beatles soundtrack (which is what puts me off tbh), but the Comforter? looked (and smelt!) more tempting. Each treatment room is beautifully fitted out and the central point for them all is decorated like a farmhouse kitchen, where you can go and have a brew afterwards!

If you’re in need of a little pampering in the South West, head over to Bath for a little lushness!

Making face masks at @lushbathspa

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Sweet Post

Beauty subscription boxes have never really interested me. I’m pretty fussy about skincare (in that I barely use any because most things react with my skin!) and I’d rather just go and buy things rather than get sent something that I’ll never use.

Food, however…

We subscribe to a recipe box which sends you spices every month (which I keep meaning to review, but you know, I’m not great at the blogging thing ;) ) but obviously, getting sweets in the post is WAY more awesome. Even more awesome? Foreign sweets. CandyJapan is a subscription service where for $25USD a month, you’ll get two packages of sweets. So, wanna see what appeared at my door last month?


The box was slim enough to go through the letter box (yay) – although my postie hid mine in a safe place because he knows that Fern likes to attack anything that gets posted through the door.


This box contained four packets of goodies, two sours, some strawberry milk bites and some avocado crisps.


The chibi sours were not as sour as I expected, but still were yummy – so fruity!


Oh, Frozen. It gets everywhere. I’m not sure what the connection was with crispy balls of cereal with a yoghurty coating, but they really did taste of strawberry milkshake!


The sour Poifull were a little more sour than the chibi sours, but still not as much as Tangfastics (especially the cherries, which are my favourites). These were slightly sour soft jelly beans – the lemon were the most sour.


Finally, the product with the best name – Avocadooza! Thin cracker type things which were apparently avocado flavoured, but I couldn’t really taste that. They were nicely spicy and would be a good bar snack – the packaging actually showed it with a pint on the back!

You can subscribe to this yourself, or as a gift for someone else – it can be ongoing, or you can sign up then cancel straight away if you want to test it out! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then you must check out this candy of the month subscription service! (Oh, and after reading this post on the owners personal blog about running this subscription box, I found out about their new service, which is a monthly stationery subscription box! Now that sounds much better than a bronzer that doesn’t suit you!)

Disclosure: The parcel was sent for review by CandyJapan, but they did not request any links or specific wording, and did not see the review before it was posted.