Sweet Post

Beauty subscription boxes have never really interested me. I’m pretty fussy about skincare (in that I barely use any because most things react with my skin!) and I’d rather just go and buy things rather than get sent something that I’ll never use.

Food, however…

We subscribe to a recipe box which sends you spices every month (which I keep meaning to review, but you know, I’m not great at the blogging thing ;) ) but obviously, getting sweets in the post is WAY more awesome. Even more awesome? Foreign sweets. CandyJapan is a subscription service where for $25USD a month, you’ll get two packages of sweets. So, wanna see what appeared at my door last month?


The box was slim enough to go through the letter box (yay) – although my postie hid mine in a safe place because he knows that Fern likes to attack anything that gets posted through the door.


This box contained four packets of goodies, two sours, some strawberry milk bites and some avocado crisps.


The chibi sours were not as sour as I expected, but still were yummy – so fruity!


Oh, Frozen. It gets everywhere. I’m not sure what the connection was with crispy balls of cereal with a yoghurty coating, but they really did taste of strawberry milkshake!


The sour Poifull were a little more sour than the chibi sours, but still not as much as Tangfastics (especially the cherries, which are my favourites). These were slightly sour soft jelly beans – the lemon were the most sour.


Finally, the product with the best name – Avocadooza! Thin cracker type things which were apparently avocado flavoured, but I couldn’t really taste that. They were nicely spicy and would be a good bar snack – the packaging actually showed it with a pint on the back!

You can subscribe to this yourself, or as a gift for someone else – it can be ongoing, or you can sign up then cancel straight away if you want to test it out! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then you must check out this candy of the month subscription service! (Oh, and after reading this post on the owners personal blog about running this subscription box, I found out about their new service, which is a monthly stationery subscription box! Now that sounds much better than a bronzer that doesn’t suit you!)

Disclosure: The parcel was sent for review by CandyJapan, but they did not request any links or specific wording, and did not see the review before it was posted.

Another Apple Watch Review

Every review I’ve read so far about the Apple Watch has been written by a bloke who works in technology. That’s great, but as a woman who works in finance, it’s not always relevant to how I would use a product.

I knew I wanted an Apple Watch from the first rumours that went round. I was off work on the day of preorders, so I bounced out of bed and had my laptop open at 7.59 to try and buy it through my company discount link (annoyingly that didn’t work!) and I had my iPhone open to the Apple Store app to buy the Watch I had saved in my favourites, which is how I ended up with a 38mm Watch with classic buckle.

I had it delivered to my office, and when it arrived, I had to put it on my colleagues desk on the other side of the office until lunchtime because I felt like I would be like this minion wanting to eat the banana in his lunchbox:

As soon as 1pm hit, I strapped the watch on and we headed to our favourite sandwich shop. It’s super easy to set up – turn it on, and use the Watch app on your iPhone to take a pic. By the time I had ordered a delicious and over filled sandwich, my Watch was ready to go. Except I had no idea what to do!


Now I’ve had it for about a month now, it’s not a distraction at all. I have it on silent most of the time, so I just get haptic feedback for notifications (which is like vibrations). It’s useful for notifications, like reading a text message while I’m cooking dinner without having to put everything down to find my phone.

I went for the 38mm, while Alex went for the 42mm. It doesn’t sound like a huge difference in size, but I’m glad I went for the smaller one because it’s the right size for my wrist. If you’re considering one, go to an Apple store to try it on. I did (after placing the preorder) which was an interesting experience. The way it was dealt with was unlike anything I’ve experienced at an Apple Store, and more like buying a watch at a jewellery shop. 

I read a review recently where someone said they were asked about the watch and felt like they were disappointing others when they said it wasn’t life changing. I’ve come across that as well, people want you to say THIS IS AMAZING! IT CAN DO ALL THESE THINGS! It’s cool, don’t get me wrong. I’d still buy one, even after trialing it. I’ve only had one day where the battery died in the middle of the day – still havent worked out why, but it’s not a normal occurrence. I like being able to pay for my Starbucks with a flick of the wrist (wait that sounds wrong) and when we get Apple Pay in the UK, it will be awesome to pay for things. 

So. Apple Watch. Get one if you want one. Don’t bother if you aren’t that bothered.

I’m a great reviewer.

Crafting with Laura Ashley

It’s been a while since I did much crafting, so when I received an invite from Laura Ashley to spend a Sunday afternoon at At Bristol crafting with some of their fabrics and wallpapers and spending time with some of my favourite bloggers, it was easy to reply “Yes yes yes!”


First, we covered a notebook with some fabric, and then put some wallpaper on the inside covers. We had the Crafty Hen on hand to show us how to do these little projects.


There was a bit of a scramble as everyone rushed to pick their favourite combinations!


After a yum lunch, we were then shown how to make suffolk puffs. We were given access to lots of different fabrics and accessories and things to attach things to yourself – hairbands and hairclips and brooches and lots of other things! I made a hair clip with a bit of mesh




You can see more details and photos over on the Laura Ashley blog as well!

First three pictures taken with the Samsung Galaxy S6 I was borrowing that week, and the last two taken by Joe Blogs