Bath in Fashion 2014


A glorious sunny day met us in Bath last Sunday for the Bath in Fashion bloggers preview day. We headed in to the beautiful Royal Crescent Hotel for a little tea and to hear about the events that will be going on this year.


No filter needed…the sky really was this amazingly blue!

The events this year sound really exciting…here’s just a few of them to tempt you to head over to the West Country…

Sun 4 May

Tue 6 May

 Wed 7 May

Thu 8 May

 Sat 10 May

After finding out about all the fun coming up, me, AmieJessLily and Sophie teamed up and headed into Bath to try to find some outfits that would be suitable for some of this seasons hottest trends. I loved this floral dress from French Connection* – wouldn’t it be perfect for a wedding?


Dashing about Bath can be quite tiring, so we headed back to the Fashion Museum, and checked out the latest exhibits.


Bloggers, bloggers, everywhere and not a drop to dri..wait, that’s not right.


The newest exhibit at the museum is “Georgians: Dress for Polite Society“. So interesting to see what sort of things people wore less than 200 years ago.


It’s interesting to see how modern fashions take styles from the past as well – who expected to see a Bayswater in the museum? (Although wouldn’t a Mulberry exhibit be interested, especially with the local angle to it?)


The Dress of the Year is one outfit chosen by someone in fashion that epitomises the past year in fashion – in 2014, it was chosen by Susie Lau from Style Bubble. There’s a lot that could be said here about how brilliant it is to have a blogger recognised in this way, but I’m sure you’ll hear that everywhere else!


My favourite part of the museum is the dress up part. Last year, we didn’t get to dress up at all, so took advantage of the end of the day emptyness and had lots of fun! Those things are heavy though – carrying around the hoop skirts and all those layers are enough of a work-out on their own!

Will you be heading to Bath for any of the events? I need to get my calendar together with all these events!

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Harvey Nichols SS14

Last week, I was kindly invited to go to the Harvey Nichols SS14 fashion show. Having never been before, I had no idea what to expect, but I picked up my camera and met the girls for a few glasses of champagne. Warning: There are a lot of photos in this post, but try to avoid faffing with your camera in the middle of a fashion show and only finding the right setting halfway through. Gah.



SJ’s floral trousers (from Zara) matched the invite almost perfectly!

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Cabot Circus HoF Christmas

In a rare move from me (ha), this post is long overdue. In fact, according to my drafts folder, I edited and uploaded these images in November but December was a bit of a busy month for me and I forgot all about it. So let’s pretend that this isn’t a late post but more trying to eke out the last dregs of Christmas so January doesn’t seem as depressing as ever.

Back in November, I was invited by Cabot Circus and House of Fraser to go and check out their festive offerings. I haven’t really been very festive in the past few years, but I never turn down a chance to hang out with some of my favourite bloggers


Bloggers, man. Have to take photos of everything. (above you can see Jo and Victoria from She and Hem, Josephine from Style by Josephine and Gina from Bristol Fashionista)


We were shown the four different looks that House of Fraser had available which were all beautiful. I especially loved the last one – reds! toys! candy canes! I haven’t decorated the house for Christmas in a few years, but this year I felt the need to get a big tree (fake, thankfully, but that didn’t stop it shedding needles…which seems a bit unfair) and decorate it with lights and lots of baubles and of course candy canes everywhere (and only a few went into my mouth rather than the tree)


Here’s me with SJ and Gina, wearing the same Primark tartan dress as every other blogger ever. I feel very lucky to be able to go to events like these, and to have bloggers in Bristol that I love seeing outside of events. Last year was a bit quiet on the events front, but I’m hoping to change that this year…but that’s for another post.

Thanks Cabot Circus!

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