Whats In My Bag: March 11

I don’t know about you, but I’m nosy. I love the “whats in my make up bag” posts that have been going around, but I’m not really a make up bag sort of girl. (I do have a giant make up box that cost a painful £45 from Sallys a few years ago (but it keeps everything neat, organised and together) but I never take anything out with me besides a lipgloss) Instead, I thought I’d do a good old “what sort of shite do I carry around on a daily basis” post.

This is my current handbag, one of the Mulberry for Target bags that Alex gave me for Christmas. Have I told you about that? Probably not. I know that originally I said I wasn’t fussed by the Mulberry for Target collaboration. And I wasn’t! This was a good thing, as there wasn’t much hope of me getting one – it was easier for me to get a full price Mulberry bag! Except then the boy disappeared to Las Vegas and Houston for a week. As a joke, I forwarded him an article about the Mulberry for Target collection and asked if he’d pop in.

I didn’t expect him to come home with one handbag. Before he boarded his plane, he emailed 4 photos to me – two pictures of a blue Bayswater style, a small black purse and a large black tote (slightly Roxanne in style). I nearly died of excitement. His logic in this was “Well, I didn’t know what you’d like, so I just picked up all the ones they had” I am a lucky and spoilt girl. (I ended up giving the smaller Bayswater style bag to the Wife, I knew she’d get a lot more use out of it than me)

However, my initial reaction is still the same. The bags didn’t look like much on the promo images. Before Christmas, I was using the larger Bayswater style denim bag which I wouldn’t have chosen myself. There is also the fact that despite Mulberry being a very British brand (based in the glorious West Country), they have chosen to partner with an American brand to produce handbags made in China. Unfortunately quality has suffered as a result. After using the bag for about 2 weeks, I could already see signs of use – scuffing from the handles on the patent flap, part of the handle peeling, stitching not quite right, clasp feeling like it’s going to fall off – these are not things I would want to link to Mulberry!

Anyway. Rant over. If anyone would like to get me a Mulberry bag, I’m still in love with this one.

So this is what the bag currently holds (well, at the time of taking the photo, which was last Wednesday. I know, I’m lazy.) Sometimes, I wonder why my bag is so heavy, when its barely got anything in it. This is why at I usually carry around with me. Wonder no more.

Obviously, theres my trusty iPad and iPhone. My SLR (a Canon 400D if you were wondering) is usually in there, along with a USB cable to connect it and (inside the triangle case) the camera connection bit for the iPad, a spare iPhone/iPad cable and my Lady Gaga headphones* (I bought mine from eBay and originally suspected that they were fakes, but when we went to San Francisco, I saw a pair in Dixons in Heathrow T5 and they looked the same!). The green triangle is a microfibre cloth – it sounds really geeky to carry it about, but it’s so useful

Next to the iPhone are my pretty blog mini Moo cards in their case, and below is the usual hand cream and Carmex tubes collection (Why do I need two?!) The lipgloss is from Bare Essentuals and takes like cake. Yum. Bus tickets, mirrors, mints, gift cards, change and my new Costco card were all lurking at the bottom of my bag. The brown thing under the iPad is my purse that I actually won via Twitter. Woo! Finally, my graduation black heels and my umbrella, which don’t need any explanation really.

Who knew I could say so much about the stuff in my bag?!

Whats In My Bag: February 10

According to “How To Tell A Woman By Her Handbag“, shockingly, you can tell a lot about a woman by her handbag and the contents of it. (Whilst that book is visually quite pleasing, quite honestly, it seems like another self help book of little content)

Anyway. I always like these sort of things, because I’m very nosy to see what stuff people carry around every day that they consider important. And not because I think that if you have a bag overflowing with everything from old bills to make-up and bus tickets then you must be “an imaginative free spirit”. If you could see me right now, you’d see I was shaking my head in a sad, disappointed way.

Click the picture to see the Flickr page, which has notes all over it.

Whats In My Bag: November 08

I really like the “Whats In Your Bag” groups on Flickr. Maybe its because I’m nosy, but its pretty facinating to see what people consider to be essential enough to carry around with them.
Anyway, above is whats in my bag at the moment. You can see the tagged pictures (if you’re *that* nosy) on my Flickr, along with the others I’ve done previously.

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