6 Ways To Celebrate Galentines From Afar

…or how to deal with long distance friendships.

Pro tip: if you’re going to have a tiny wedding with your two best friends, at least try to get more than one photo with them.

It’s hard. I’m not going to sugar coat this for anyone who’s wondering what it’s like to move halfway around the world, knowing only one person (and y’know, I’m married to him, so does that count?)

I obviously want to meet people here in Seattle and Bellevue, but I still want to keep up my friendships back home! The best friendships are ones where you might not see each other in person for ages but when you do, it’s like nothing has changed and I am lucky enough to have a few of those. Social media has been useful for this, but it can also create a little FOMO (especially when my blogging pals are going to an event that I would have been invited to!)

I love the idea of Galentines, not just because I am a little (a lot) bit of a Leslie Knope, but because I have never seen the point of Valentines just being for romantic relationships.

Here are a few ways that I celebrate my awesome friends

Learn time zones

Knowing the difference between time zones has never been that much of an issue for me, because Alex would travel so much, so I was used to thinking “ok, it’s 4pm here in Bristol, so it’s 8am in San Francisco” but I’ve had to remember the other way around since moving. The world clock feature on my phone is really useful but the thing that has really helped is putting a thing on my Apple Watch which shows me the time in the UK.

Send them something that only makes sense to you two

Honestly, if I am talking to a friend, it’s fairly likely that it’s going to involve an inside reference.

Send them a text to say hi

It’s always nice to get a message randomly, it just makes you smile! I have friends who prefer to do a voice memo than a text but the sentiment is the same.

Send something in the post

I love putting together little parcels to my friends back home (which basically just end up being full of sweets and Pop Tarts) – if it wasn’t so expensive to send things home, I’d be sending so much more!

Make a date to watch a TV show you both love and talk all the way through it on Messenger

I do this with a few friends with The Good Place – I watch it when it airs at 9pm PST (which is 5am back home) then they watch it while I’m asleep because Netflix is awesome and has it straight away, then we can talk about it when I wake up. I know me and the bestie will be doing this for iZombie, assuming UK Netflix has it as soon as it airs here. We are huge Veronica Mars fans so we send each other little clips that we find (ok, mostly topless Logan gifs, no shame)

It’s not really as good as marathoning it sitting next to each other on the sofa (there is a dance to “We Used To Be Friends” which has to be done every episode, so I’m hoping the new series will have the same theme tune) but it helps to make the distance less painful.

Hype them up

Probably more useful for those friends who are bloggers and influencers, but I love introducing friends from home to people I meet here – not just because I like introducing people who I think will get on, but the more I can do to persuade friends from the UK to come and visit Seattle, the more likely I can get them to bring me some decent chocolate and bags of crisps ?

I would love to hear about any ways that other people deal with this sort of thing!

Fold Up Your Heart

For as long as I can remember, I have publicly complained about Valentines Day. I still stand behind what I dislike about Valentines Day – I don’t think we should need one day a year to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend/(s)/whatever that you adore the pants off them, you should do this every day!

So, here’s my secret.

I quite like Valentines Day. I like all the ridiculous tat that crops up this time of year, I love pink and red, I love hearts. I really love Love Hearts. (I’m not allowed them very much anymore. They send me a bit loopy). I like using it as an excuse to tell everyone I love them.

So here’s a few things that I’m considering buying to decorate my house and so I can bake up a love heart storm for my nearest and dearest (lets face it, I just like baking)

valentines home stuff

For the actual baking, there’s these measuring spoons (£5), heart cookie cutters (£4) and heart baking tray (£8), both from Paperchase, or for a more traditional style cake, I love the heart cake tin (£5) or perhaps this silicone heart muffin tray (£7.50), both from M&S. To serve the treats on, M&S do well with these heart serving dishes (£17.50) or the heart cake stand (£25) (which I think I need to go with my other cake stands. Yes, I have a collection of them.) These snack boxes (£7) from Paperchase would be really useful to carry the treats to the office in as well.

If you’re not into baking, you could serve up tea and toast with these mugs (multi coloured heart mug (£6) or two hearts mug (£6)) and the heart shapes toast cutter (£2), again from Paperchase. You might to serve that up with a little pretty heart valentine tree (£14) from Paperchase as decoration.

If you’re like Sarah and want to wear things covered in hearts, perhaps you could have a go at making these heart printed tights(seriously cute in the grey and white!) or a sequin heart t-shirt?

Perhaps you’re into crafting instead? Here’s a few crafty ideas you can get into this weekend, and who cares if the end product is a bit wonky? Just tell the recipient it’s made with love.

A few heart patterened mason jars would look very pretty with a tealight inside them.

Sweets hidden inside brownies – what’s not to love about these heart shaped brownie boxes?

This blog post has a few different DIY’s for you to do – I love the wall of hearts and the tissue paper heart wall art

If the weather around you is going to be nice, this tree heart installation could be a pretty backdrop for some nice photos – but I’m sure this could be just as pretty inside, to keep it safe from the rain!

Chocolate covered fruit is one of my favourite things to eat (it feels healthy! IT’S COVERED IN CHOCOLATE) but I hate to make it (I get too impatient) so receiving a box would be awesome!

Finally, the wonderful (and very very beautiful) A Thrifty Mrs has rounded up a few Valentines cards you can print off – just don’t do it on the office printer.

Or, if all that crafting just isn’t for you, La Tasca have a bouquet that I would definitely love to receive next Thursday…

It’s made of cured meat. Which is much more delicious than a rose.

Nights In White Satin

Last year, I blogged about lingerie and Valentines being linked together in the tackiest way. This year, I thought I’d share some pretty sets that I wouldn’t be too heart broken to recieve (HINT HINT)


First up, from Boux Avenue, are the pretty, vintage styling of bras that we’ve come to expect from them. This purple satin bra* (£24) (described as bandeau style on the website, but lets face it, above a D cup, and you can’t really get a bandeau bra) is in my favourite colour, so is quite near the top of my wish list. This lacy balconette bra* (£30) and “Victoriana” (I’m not sure where the Victorian part comes from) hot pink satin bra* (£26) are close behind though!



Next up is the new range from M&S created with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I love the colours and the rose printed fabric, and this rose print bra* (£22.50) is almost too pretty to even wear, never mind be hidden by clothes. A simpler style of bra is available in this brown colour*, a pretty pink* or a “nude” shade – all £22.50 for the bra.

Valentines isn’t just about pretty knickers, and this rose printed camisole* (£35) and matching French knickers* (£17.50) set was made for flitting around in.


Finally, from ASOS (I know, I wouldn’t have had them down for pretty pants either!), there’s actually a great collection of lacy underthings. This lace panelled corset* is £75 (and pretty gorgeous too) whilst this blue satin bra* is £38.

Sod it, I’ll just go and buy them myself.

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