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Who’s That Girl

It’s Jessssss!

From billboards to buses, you can’t avoid Zooey Deschanel’s pretty face staring at you with 10 foot wide eyes.

Channel 4 are desperate, desperate for you to know that they will be the UK network of choice for the latest US comedy about boys and girls living together. (Let’s face it, Channel 4 had kinda given up with the new American shows after Friends ended, then E4 turned up and nicked everything anyway.)

The show starts tonight at half 8 I believe, but has been airing for a few weeks on the 4OD that’s on your computer but not any of the ones on your iPhone, iPad, Virgin on demand, PS3 or any of the ways you would normally choose to watch something on 4OD.

The first episode opens on Jess, saying how when you’re watching a horror movie, you’re shouting at the screen because it’s so obvious what’s going to happen. Flashback to a week or so previous, where she’s in a cab, wearing hipster glasses and a mac, and whispering into her phone not very well. She’s talking to her best friend, who, of course, wouldn’t be an average looking girl but a model. Jess is saying how she is off to surprise her boyfriend and model friend says something like how that’s a great idea. Obviously, this is the shouting-at-the-screen part. You know it’s all going to fail horribly.

So Jess goes into her boyfriends apartment, he comes out of his bedroom in a skeevy pair of pants, and she drops the coat and starts doing a dance and singing about how she’s going to make lurve to a plant. (I feel like I’m mixing this bit up with Chef from South Park’s songs). Of course, the girl her boyfriend is obviously cheating on her with comes out and asks what’s going on. Cut back to the present day, where we see Jess is chatting to some blokes who are looking for someone to move in.

After a bit of “wah I don’t want a GIIIIIIRL to live with us”, she moves in and sits on the sofa watching Dirty Dancing 500 times and crying because of her breakup. So far I have put up with her random little singing, her overdone hipster look and the fact that Deputy Leo is in this (I was always more of a Logan fan) but this? I instantly started to dislike it.

The blokes all take Jess out to hook up at a bar, she says how pink wine makes her slutty (How cool! Pink wine makes me slutty too! Oh Jess, we could totes be BFF’s) and then…well, I watched this a month or so ago, along with a few other episodes, and couldn’t get into it then. I tried watching the pilot again last night and ended up switching it off about here. I just couldn’t do it anymore. (Also there was brand new Extreme Couponing to watch. Oh I love Extreme Couponing SO MUCH.)

Its a show that feels like its trying too hard to hit all the points of other successful sitcoms. “Move a girl in with a load of blokes!” “The blokes should be varying stereotypes – the player, the sadsack and the angry black man (who is then replaced by the second episode)” “She should wear those glasses all the kids are wearing!” “She should be photographed for all the promos with her arms in the air because SHES THAT CRAZY!”. I’ve been told that the series does get better, but I couldn’t even make it through the first episode on a second watching. Doesn’t bode well.

If, after this, you still want to watch it, its on Channel 4 tonight from 8.30pm, or can be watched here on 4OD. Here’s a trailer to warn you…

Gok Does Bristol

A few weeks ago, I was invited to be in the audience for Gok’s Clothes Roadshow in Bristol. Cabot Circus had been taken over by crowds of people just wanting to see Gok – as you can see in the pic below!

Gok came down the escalators, followed by his models, and it seemed like everyone there whipped out their camera or mobile phone

Gok came on stage and explained what was going to happen, then allowed some time to let people take photos so they wouldn’t take them during the show. He kept walking down the stage and stopping every few steps to smile for pics!

First, three ladies from the Bristol area were given a makeover earlier in the week, and it was time for them to reveal their new look. The audience was made up mostly of their friends and family (and a few bloggers like the ladies from MyStreetChic, Frances from Fashion Fantasist and SJP of Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion (who I’ve been dying to meet for ages, but we always seemed to miss each other!). We didn’t see their original looks, but from the reactions of those who knew the ladies, it must have been impressive!

After a few takes, it was time for the fashion show section. In previous series, Gok has gone head to head with Brix Smith-Start where he has styled his models in outfits costing less than £50 each, and Brix has gone for the expensive outfits, but this series, Gok has taken over the expensive outfits, and styled the models in outfits costing less than £250. Without giving away which set won or how much they cost, the collection below was my favourite – I ended up getting the dress on the far right last week because I loved it so much! (Not sure where I’m going to wear it…but I never need an excuse to wear pretty dresses!)

The Bristol episode of Gok’s Clothes Roadshow will be shown tomorrow night (Tuesday 4th October) and (hopefully, I assume this link will work!) you can find out where the clothes in the show are from here, after the show has aired.



One of my favourite new shows is Glee, a musical teen comedy-drama (I refuse to write dramedy, comedrama or any other amalgamation of the two). Its about a high school “show choir” or “glee club” (anyone else kinda glad we don’t have those in this country? No? Just me?) set in Ohio.
I’m trying to think what else I can say to persuade you to watch it, but its probably best if you see the trailer first.

The songs in each episode are a good balance between chart hits and older tracks. I love the mash ups, in particular Mr Schusters mash up of “Don’t Stand So Close” and “Young Girl” (works surprisingly well I think!)


Glee is going to be shown in the UK on E4 early next year, but the pilot will be shown at 9pm on Tuesday 15th December. Which is the episode with Don’t Stop Believing. You can see why I love it.

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