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Trends I Don’t Get: Suspender Tights

You all know about my hunt for a decent pair of tights that won’t cause public nudity, and while I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of black opaques, I’ve also been drawn to the patterned tights available. Generally, they’re pretty cute, but there’s one trend I just can not get behind.

Yeah, you guessed it – suspender tights. I think it all began when Henry Holland did a pair (probably costing about £15 – who can justify that cost when if you’re clumsy like me, you’ll ladder them when you’re putting them on) and of course, the high street has jumped on that bandwagon and made all the different types.

To the right, we have the original pair, the House of Holland for Pretty Polly suspender tights* which don’t really offend too much, but at a price of £12, out of my price range.

To the left, these “Gipsy Mock Bow“* tights (£7) are the extreme end – overly fussy, unlikely to be mistaken for suspenders (isn’t that the point of them?)

Next, these bow styles – the 3 bow suspenders* (£6) and the tiny bow suspenders with scalloped edges* (also £6) show the variation. But again, you wouldn’t mistake these for the real thing.

Finally, the hearts – both styles are made of tiny hearts making the “straps”, but where the “Gipsy Mock Heart Suspenders” (£8) (no, I don’t quite know why they’ve included the word mock in this and none of the others) are a bit cheap looking, for the same price, the own brand heart suspender* ones at least look like they’ve had a bit more effort put into the design.

Personally, if I wanted the look of suspenders, I would go and wear actual suspenders. Can anyone explain this trend to me?

(Oh, and to finish – the other end of the scale – House of Holland for Pretty Polly’s pearl studded tights* are a “mere” £25. I just don’t. get. it.)

Tight Spot

After my recent post where I told you all about how I ended up looking like I was coping a feel of my crotch in the middle of Cabot Circus, Alex from Charnos asked if she could send me some tights to prevent me getting arrested for public indecency.

Its not a brand I had worn before, so in the interests in the public and er…science (everything can be explained as being a science experiment, its ace), I said yes please thanks. I received three pairs and battled with my camera to try and take photos of them. Did you know its really quite difficult to take photos of your legs? Now you do.

The Sheer Stripe tights are a very thin denier – so thin, that I managed to rip them when putting them on. I’m too used to wearing nice thick tights that can withstand the tired struggle at half 6 in the morning. The stripe is actually more zig zaggy. As I look at the photo, I’m wondering if you could put a coloured pair of tights underneath a sheer patterned pair like this – anyone tried it?

The next pair were a chocolate coloured pair of Cable Opaque tights – I love the pattern on these, and they were so nice and thick. I don’t really wear brown very often, so I probably wont wear these as much as I’d like – can you dye tights?!

My favourite pair out of the three are the Betty style. The pattern is made from a strange material, which is almost sticky to touch? Still, this pair are subtle enough for work, but interesting enough to get lots of comments!

Charnos have some gorgeous patterned tights – which I like to make a plain outfit a bit more interesting. Would it be weird to ask Santa for some?

The Tights Trauma

(image made up from the colours available at

Oh Primark.

I’ve been a regular customer of yours for so many years now, its a little depressing to count (I know I was definitely wearing Primark pants around the time of my GCSE’s – Helen and I used to have this odd psychic connection where we knew which pants each other was wearing that day) While you’re not the most perfect shop, I usually come out with a few items – at the very least, a few pairs of tights to top up the collection.

I know that there are some people who have a self imposed ban on tights but I have worked for the past three summers in offices where the air conditioning has only two settings – cold, and arctic. I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of trousers to the office on a normal day, so I wear tights most of the year (and even on that rare week where the weather is glorious, and the air con is bearable, I still wear thin nude tights to make my legs look like they belong to a human.) The majority of my collection are black opaques from good ol’ Primark.

But no more! Why? Well…this is the traumatic embarrassing part. The last few pairs of tights I bought don’t seem to have any elastic in the waistband. I’ve bought a few pairs over a month or so, and all of them seemed to have the same problem. Its not so much of a problem while you’re sitting down, but as soon as you start to move, the tights head southwards for the winter. Usually this can be stopped for a bit by a quick “look-around, see-noone, hoik-up” move, but sometimes thats not easy to do.

Which is how I found myself in the middle of Cabot Circus one night after work, desperately clutching on to the waistband of my tights through my skirt as it migrated further down my leg. I tried to make this move look completely natural, whilst at the same time trying to figure out where the crotch of my tights were, and where the bottom of my skirt was in relation to this. Classy, classy girl.

You would think that I would throw the tights out, but I have this annoying habit of taking them off when I get in and then forgetting about the non-elastic issue and putting them in the wash, then wearing them and remembering how much I hate them.

Does anyone have any recommendations of tights companies where they actually stay up?!

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