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Last Friday, I got into work, logged in, and checked my phone before starting work. I saw a tweet asking if any bloggers were available in Bristol that day, and my name was on the end. I said yes, cautiously, since I had no idea what I was getting into!

It turns out that GHD are having a tour around the UK, in this amazing (seriously, AMAZING) Airstream trailer to show off the new stylers and the new GHD Air hairdryer which you may have seen being advertised recently. (I actually really like the advert for the hairdryer, because it’s just a close-up of the hairdryer and then the GHD logo. Simple, no false promises, effective) The photo above is actually inside the trailer, and they even had a wash area at the back – imagine this pulling up outside your office on a Friday night before you all head off for drinks after work?

I headed over on my lunch break, not mentioning to my colleagues where I was going, and was sat with Hayley from seanhanna Cabot Circus who styled my hair quickly into loops with a mini styler. She showed me how to do the curl with a styler (I now know where I was going wrong – I needed to wrap my hair twice around it!)

Perhaps not the best look…

She spritzed my loopy hair with product, then used the GHD Air hairdryer to set the curls. As each curl was unpinned, I started to panic a little at my ringletty hair, but it was brushed out and pretty awesome!

Thank you GHD and especially Hayley, I loved my random Friday hair do! I walked in the office with my hair in big curls like this and my colleagues were amazed it had happened in my lunch hour! I was especially impressed because my hair not only lasted the afternoon (when curls normally drop within a few hours), but a trip to the gym (last photo) and even being slept on – I still had pretty curls when I went to London for an Aussie event (possibly the first time I’ve turned up with nice hair ;))

If you want to visit the hair boutique, check out the GHD Facebook page – they’re in Leeds on Thursday 4th October, Nottingham on the 5th and Sheffield on the 6th. Want them to visit you? Tweet #ghdmycity and your city (duh), and they might be on their way to glam you up!

Review: GHD Pink Cherry Blossom Styler

Back in 2004, I was working at a building society in their mortgage department during my year in industry. There was another temp there and one lunchtime (Friday, of course, since that’s when we got paid), she disappeared into town and came back with a set of GHD’s. When she told me she’d spent £100 on them, I was amazed anyone would spend so much on a hair tool. It seemed like such a waste of money to me – my hair was pretty straight anyway, and you could buy straighteners for £20/£30 in Boots.

A few weeks later, I was at a friends house getting ready for a night out with her flat mates, and one of them had GHD’s. She asked if I wanted my hair straightening, and I said fine, why not.

I knew I had to have my own pair. My hair wasn’t just sort of straight, it was straight, glossy, and felt smooth. I was still receiving student loan payments (a half loan since I was earning, but still studying) and as soon as the Easter payment hit my account, I ran down to Essentuals on the Triangle and picked up my own set.

After 8 years use, my GHD’s are starting to show their age. They don’t like to sit on the desk on that side. The cord hisses a bit if it’s held a certain way. But damn it, they still work. I resent replacing things that still work, even if they’re slightly unsafe.

GHD contacted me a few weeks ago and offered me a new pair of straighteners, with the challenge to do an hairstyle for a special occasion. What could be more special than Sarah’s birthday? As you already saw, Sarah’s birthday was circus themed, so my hair had to fit in with my costume.

Unfortunately, with all the work that Sarah put me to do, I ended up with very little time to get ready (people were already arriving as we were finishing up!) so a brief brush of the hair and a bit of make up slicked on was all I could manage. (It was still an AWESOME night though. Especially the cakes. They were well iced.)

I recieved the Pink Cherry Blossom styler which (as you can guess by the name, and see!) are a pretty black set with bright pink plates and accents. As I’ve said previously, I prefer to go for items that donate money towards charity where I can, and these would have been the ones I would have chosen for myself, with £10 going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

They come in a pretty case, which isn’t just pretty but also is heat resistant, so you can put your straighteners away straight away without the danger of stepping on them. (We’ve all done it) The case is also very roomy, so you can squish in a can of hairspray and a few other tools when you go away. One thing that I was particulary excited about was the auto switch off feature – back in the day, this hadn’t been invented so I was always worried that I had left my straigheners on all day and would burn down the house. (Surprisingly, in the many years of using my old straigheners, I only did this once that I can remember. And nothing was burnt.) Another brilliant thing that these do is that they are now a universal voltage – I was surprised and disappointed when I went to America a few years ago and realised that my straigheners couldn’t heat up enough to straighten my hair.

(Oh, and the colour scheme even goes down to the little glowing logo on the switch, which also beeps at you when its ready to use.)

I didn’t think that I needed a new pair, because my old ones still worked fine, but after using these a few times, I can see that the old ones were losing it a bit. Instead of clamping down hard and dragging the straigheners across my hair, these seem to glide through, and seem to make my hair even straighter than before. My hair even feels smoother than before – I’m not sure if this is all down to the GHD’s, but I don’t think they hurt!

If your GHD’s are starting to give it up a bit, invest in a new set. You won’t regret it.

(Looking for the matching hairdryer? Check out my review!)

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