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Hide the Credit Card: Present&Correct

I’ve said it before, I love stationary. I have a bit of a thing for it, if you will. Theres nothing more satisfying than picking out all new pens to go in a new pencil case, and making sure everything co-ordinates. Having 5 types of sticky notes, because you’re obviously going to make REALLY IMPORTANT NOTES on things with them. Buying a notebook everytime you decide to make a clean start, despite the fact that you not only have loads of empty notebooks at home, but your current notebook only has a few pages used in it.

So, this website, Present&Correct, was a bit of a bad one for me to go on to.

Just look at that front page! I want everything on there. But I’ve tried to narrow it down to a few things, so here are my picks from Present & Correct.

I love the Homework Pencil Case because its made of thin leather (so would hold up reasonably well in a bag) and is really cute. Maybe I’m just drawn to it by the neatness of the photo. Look at it!

The Book Band & Pen Holder is originally from Japan, and they are designed to keep all of your books together nice and neat. Its the sort of thing that I always wanted as a kid who read too many American teen books. Sweet Valley High has many things to answer for.

This is one of those things that when you think about it, is a bloody sensible idea. Something that you think “Well, why didn’t I think of that?”. The 5 Hole Pencil Sharpener is something that I think I should buy – not for my desk, but for my make up box!

I’m not sure why a box of rubbers (um, erasers for you Americans and people with filthy minds) appeals to me. Maybe its the way its been photographed. Honestly, take a picture of something in a really lovely way, and I’ll probably want to buy it. The P&Correctional Facility is a handprinted box of 6 new & vintage erasers from all over the world. Except this would be pretty useless for me because I would be too afraid to use them!

What do you buy the person who has everything (or nothing) when they start a new job? How about one of these Office in a Jars? Unfortunatly it doesn’t come with all the other bits that you’ll need to survive office life. Such as a baseball bat.

So simple. So effective. So boring (some might say. Shut up. I like this sort of thing.) The Pocket Clip Pencil has a clip carved into it, so you can attach it to your notebook, or wherever. I love things like this!

Must get off this website now, otherwise this little “feature” of mine will need to be renamed “What has gotten me further into debt this week?”


The Girl recently commented on my Filofax post with:

“You have Paperchase by your office? Hello my name is jealous”

And yes, when I didn’t work near a Paperchase, I’d have thought it was the greatest thing ever (the nearest ones being in House of Fraser which back in t’day (ok…two years ago) weren’t open past 6pm or in Borders (which was a crap one anyway))

But now? Its a DANGER.

You might convince yourself that you’re going to pop in and ONLY come out with a birthday card for someone. Then somehow between going in and paying, you’ve ended up with £15 of stuff (I’ve done that)

Paperchase (and stationary in general) is an addiction. Its like crack. In fact, crack would be a better addiction to have, because then I wouldn’t end up with piles of pretty notebooks with nothing written in them because

  • They’re far too pretty to write in
  • I don’t know what to write in them
  • I’m a geek, I write everything on my iPhone anyway (or in my Filofax of course)

It tempts me every day with its swish colour changing logo and pretty things in the window. The bastard.

Organising Myself

I’ve loved Filofaxes since I was a little girl. Who didn’t have a Fun Fax at some point? I loved filling out all the different sections, and for some reason ended up with a bit of an obsession with address books – I’d buy maybe 3 new address books each year (or more) and spend a happy evening copying over all the information that I needed – and deciding who to leave out.

Of course, since I have my iPhone, I don’t need to keep a physical address book, but I find it so much easier to write events and stuff down in a real diary rather than on my iPhone. I can add in little random notes and scribble down to do’s each day (and then feel ashamed if they’re not ticked off quickly)

It seems that having a Filofax is quite a popular thing at the moment – it feels like (almost) everyone is turning away from Moleskines, and turning to an organiser that allows the user to choose how they set it up. (See how Kirsty at Belle Fantaisie and Gala Darling have theirs). This article from the Telegraph goes into a bit more detail as well.

I chose a pocket sized Metropol in Raspberry (oddly, I bought this on the same day Gala published her article saying she had bought the bigger version!). Personally, I’ve got mine like this:

Things I need to get to quickly – my debit and credit cards, business cards, my lift pass and my bus ticket each day.

I have plastic wallets for my timesheet, a zipped one to keep little things safe, and a card holder.

I’ve taken out most of the information sheets because I can Google anything I need.
When I bought my Filofax, it came with a July 10 – Dec 11 calendar, so I took out all of the 2011 stuff for now. The address tabs are gone, with just the numbered ones left, labeled with various things.

I chose the sticky notes pack, and am looking for the mirror (because I’m that vain) to go in. I keep my passport tucked in the back – it’s my only ID, and you never know when you’ll be whisked off somewhere (a girl can dream!)

The Filofax is perfect for the obsessive planner type like myself, as it let’s you see a whole week (for example) at once. It works in any situation that the iPhone wont (obviously not underwater, because the paper would get soggy, but then the phone would explode if I did that anyway). I can scribble, note, doodle – things I can’t do on my phone easily. I can pencil things in and write what didn’t happen.

My Filofax was only £21
, and I’ve probably spent another £15 on extras, but its nice to know that if this one starts to look a bit battered, I can easily buy a new one, or if I need more bits of it, its easily refillable (Paperchase is right by my office, which is always a danger!)

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