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I’ve been contacted recently by an online vintage swap shop website who would like me to review their website in exchange for some freebies. Obviously my first thought was “Woo hoo! Free shiz!” (I am just a girl, an unemployed one at that!) but then I realised that it wouldn’t really be keeping with my blog. I know I write random crap here most of the time, but it is all my opinion, there is no one influencing what I write by tempting me with free stuff, etc.

The company in question has sent quite a few emails to me – all with the same standard template but with varying amounts of how any “credits” for their site they were prepared to tempt me to review them. That seemed a little odd to me – if you are emailing bloggers asking them if they would review you, wouldn’t you keep track of who had been contacted, and how much had been offered?

The reason I am writing about this is because I thought it would be a good idea to Google the company to see if anyone else had taken the bait. I found a few blogs who had written about the site, but none had mentioned that they had received (in some form) a payment for writing the review. If I were to review something I had received free, I would want to disclose that fact!

I guess in my round about way, I am saying that I am not sure what to do. Where do you stand on sponsored posts like this? Would you admit to receiving stuff for free that you had reviews? Would you feel pressured to give a positive review?

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