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HtCC: Bank Party Dresses

If I had my way, I’d wear sparkly, flouncy, twirly dresses all. the. time. Unfortunately, thats just not practical. Sparkles are just a bit too much for work, tutus just don’t fit in bus seats, and while full circle and skater style dresses are pretty (and my favourite style), they do make a girl want to twirl about until she voms. Which is not a good look on ANYONE.

I’ve mentioned it before though – I love to dress up. Give me an excuse to wear a pretty party dress, and I’ll be covered in sparkles and ruffles quicker than you can say “wait, why are you wearing a fascinator to Tesco?”

Little Mistress Lizzie One Shoulder Prom Dress // Little Mistress Lauren Nautical Stripe Skater Dress // Lipsy Lace Body Dress // Glamorous Dip Hem Dress // Little Mistress 3D Flower Embellished Prom Dress // Glamorous Lace Tie Dress

Perhaps I’ll pop on a sparkly dress tomorrow just because I can.

This post was written in collaboration with Bank – but since when did I need a reason to waffle on about dresses?

Just A Short Stroll…

Its been a while since I did an outfit post (or a post of any sort…)

Dress: Dorothy Perkins | Underskirt: eBay | Socks: eBay | Apron: Amazon (I really hope my purchase history isn’t used for anything, since this was called a sexy French maid apron…) | Trainers: Underused Nike’s

Yeah, so its not a normal sort of outfit. This is what I wore for Race for Life on Saturday: thankfully, the gales and rain over the past few days managed to hold off for a few hours, enough time that I got sunburnt on my chest, ffs. I’ll be doing a proper sort of post about it, but we managed to get round the 5k in 59 mins, doing it three legged, dressed as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We do not do things by halves. There is still lots of time left to sponsor us – no excuses now!

HtCC: Pointe Circular Dresses

Fit n Flare, Skater, or as Dorothy Perkins likes to call them, pointe circular dresses*, this has to be my favourite style at the moment. I bought the pink one a few weeks ago and seem to wear it for everything lately – when I went to see the filming of Gok Wan’s show (and which, rather embarrassingly, made me stand out in the crowd quite a bit and end up on telly. I had my cousins telling me every time they saw me, and people in work saying about it.), when I went to London Fashion Week (and although I felt out of place around those stylish ladies and gents, it was more because the dress was quite a plain style and there were some quite outlandish outfits there) and I’m actually wearing it tonight when I go out for dinner with some old uni friends.

I love this dress, because its bright, its reasonably cheap (especially with the sales on this week!), its easy to wash (oh what a housewife-y thing to say) and its NICE. Its fitted at the waist, not too tight, has sleeves (I hate dresses without sleeves) and length wise, isn’t obscene on me, which is a bit of a rarity.

I have a bit of money in my PayPal account (somehow, money in PayPal just doesn’t seem like real money…anyone else find that?) and Dorothy Perkins takes PayPal…I’m torn between the purple dress*, the black dress* or the blue dress*.

You’re right. I should buy them all. Thanks!

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