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HtCC: Gogo Philip

So I was complaining on Twitter for a change that I was seriously bored one lunchtime. I think I was avoiding going out because it was the University of Bristol‘s open day which meant clueless kiddies and their even more clueless parents invading the area around my office (You may think I’m being harsh, but I saw some people who weren’t sure how to get off the bus, some who couldn’t cross the road and a friend in a nearby office saw a parent almost get beaten up when he walked to the front of a long queue at the cashpoint. There’s just no hope is there?)

I was about to give up all hope of finding anything to entertain me when into my inbox popped an email from Amy from Wolf Whistle who’s currently interning with Material PR with the Gogo Philip lookbook attached. I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of Gogo Philip before, but now I think I want everything. Thanks.

How gorgeous is this necklace? I can quite easily see myself wearing this, it would sit quite nicely along my collar bone.

I’ve never really been into these snake-y sort of necklace but I like this one for some reason!

This necklace would look quite cool with some others all piled on, or maybe just on its own over a white top?

Out of these three hand gestures, I think I prefer the “OK” one (on the left). The “peace” and crossed fingers just look a bit strange to me! (Also, the peace one could totally be used as a way of swearing. Yeah, I’m grown up)

I love anything with swallows on (I blogged about it 2 years ago and things haven’t changed much!) and I especially like these, because they look like clip on earrings rather than pierced ones.

After I’d marked out which items in the look book I loved (that would be 90% of them then?), I looked at my bank account and sighed. Later on that week, Amy then offered to send me an item – lovely! I don’t think I could have chosen one, so I narrowed it down to silver and dainty, and I received this necklace a few days later.

(I now realise after this photo how gross my neck is. Thanks camera. Thanks a lot for making me notice that.)

Its a silvery chain with pearl beads and flat bits with chain in between. I’ve been wearing it quite a bit for work lately, because its nice and simple and the colours go with pretty much my entire work wardrobe!

Gogo Philip can be found in a few Topshop stores (sadly not Bristol yet!) and online at yoox.com

Hide the Credit Card: ModCloth

As many of my friends would tell you, I love old fashioned fashions. I also adore dressing up. So when a newsletter from modcloth.com appeared, collecting lots of things under the banner Vintage Wedding Style, I squealed in excitement. Here are a few of my choices of dresses that I wish I could wear every day. Admit it – things would be so much more fun if we dressed up everyday!

The Periwinkle Prance Dress ($99.99) was the first dress I saw on the website and actually coo-ed at it. Its the sort of dress that I wish I had worn to the Chap Olympiad recently. (Not that this is a particulary period dress, but its just so pretty and summery!)
Unfortunatly that neckline would do nothing for me with my chest. Damned boobs.

The Blue Ribbon Dress ($157.99) is slightly better on the neckline front, and is a beautiful colour as well. You might notice a bit of a theme with the dresses I’ve chosen here. They’re all of a pretty similar shape, with a nice big swishy skirt section – its all the better for dancing with!

I adore the Silver Screen Goddess Dress ($99.99). I love greys and silvers (I’m not sure why. Maybe because its a bit less harsh than black, and feels easier to match in different colours without looking like you’re obviously picking another colour to brighten up the outfit.) The neckline on this is similar to the Blue Ribbon dress, but I prefer this one because it looks like the top section is meshy, so not completely hiding away the decoupage. Is that the word I mean? I mean your boobs of course.

As much as I love the Bronzed Goddess Dress ($57.99), its not a dress I think I could wear. For one, its strapless. Can ladies with the bigger chest wear strapless dressees? And – the main killer for me – its bronze. I just can’t figure out how to wear bronzes and browns! I’ve thrown away so many brown bags and shoes lately because I don’t know how to wear them! This dress is gorgeous though, and I know it would go well with my colouring. I just don’t know what I would wear with it!

Finally for dresses, “She Knows Just the Dress” ($134.99) is a gorgous satiny purple dress which isn’t too dressy, but is pretty enough. Its actually a similar cut to the dress I have on at the moment, a sort of shirt dress with big skirt. I love this shape! Its pretty flattering, and will suit most people (well, I think so anyway)

You can’t really talk about dressing up without mentioning some lovely accessories. A large hair accessory or fascinator is the easiest way to dress up any outfit, and these three are just gorgeous!

The Perfect Fifth Hair Bow ($21.99) is such a pretty little handmade bow that would clip nicely into a up do or even onto a hairband. If only this came in other colours – I’m not sure a white bow would go well in my blonde hair!

The Cocktail Reception Headband($64.99) would go quite nicely with the purple dress mentioned above colour wise, although the net part might be a bit much! Maybe if you wore the hairband backwards, it would be a bit more subtle?

I love things like the Old World Elegance Hair Clip ($14.99), but I never know how to get them to stay put in my hair. Its seriously pretty and would go with so many things. But then, I would say that – I’ve been known to wear fascinators and tiaras around the house whilst in my PJ’s!

The Wrapped Around Your Finger Ring ($11.99) is a pretty little ring, which reminds me of a set of jewellery that my mum had when I was younger.

At the Chap Olympiad, there were so many ladies walking about with parasols, which looked really lovely! I was quite jealous, and wondered where I could find one myself! The Vanilla Skies Parasol ($49.99) would have fitted in quite well, and would stop any nasty sunburn – in theory at least!

Fortunately (or should that be unfortunately?), Modcloth do ship to the UK…uh oh!

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