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Etsy’s a pretty dangerous place. While there is a lot of…well, to put it politely, crap on there, there are so many gorgeous things. Everything in this post is from a little store called Mano Bello.

Beautiful soft leather – the only problem is I’d like everything! I think this bracelet has to be my favourite piece though:

Shoe Porn: Irregular Choice Shoes

Lets attempt another semi-regular feature on here then… although with this subject, I could quite happily post every day. (I won’t. Mostly because the boyfriend complains if I look at shoes too much.)

I’ve been a fan of Irregular Choice shoes for a long time. I can’t remember when I first saw the Tape Measure Court Shoes, but they’re the first ones that I remember seeing and they appeal to the crafty side of me. Here are a few others that caught my eye on the IC website

The colour of these “Rose Slip” (£80) shoes were what caught my eye at first, the gorgeous plummy colour going well with the blue velvetty lining. Even though no one else will ever see the lining, I love that Irregular Choice put some thought into it. You can see it a little bit on this picture as well, but Irregular Choice soles are usually decorated with a bright random pattern.

I think its obvious why I was drawn to the Swordmaker boots (£85). LOOK AT THAT HEEL. I love any shoe that has a weird shape to it. The colour of these is gorgeous as well, although I wouldn’t normally choose gold and brown. If this was pewter and black though, I would be all over that like a crazy girl in a shoe shop. Um…

Finally, the Patty (£50) shoes (and matching clutch bag (£37 – doesn’t that seem like a massively high price compared to the shoes?)) are a little bit patriotic (sort of) and a bit crafty (doesn’t it look like someones glued felt to their shoes? In a good way of course) IC has these in different shades of blue, but these navy (at least, they LOOK navy on my screen!) ones are a bit smarter than the lighter blue pair, and much less in your face than this floral pair.

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