Just A Short Stroll…

Its been a while since I did an outfit post (or a post of any sort…)

Dress: Dorothy Perkins | Underskirt: eBay | Socks: eBay | Apron: Amazon (I really hope my purchase history isn’t used for anything, since this was called a sexy French maid apron…) | Trainers: Underused Nike’s

Yeah, so its not a normal sort of outfit. This is what I wore for Race for Life on Saturday: thankfully, the gales and rain over the past few days managed to hold off for a few hours, enough time that I got sunburnt on my chest, ffs. I’ll be doing a proper sort of post about it, but we managed to get round the 5k in 59 mins, doing it three legged, dressed as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We do not do things by halves. There is still lots of time left to sponsor us – no excuses now!

Meet the Feet – Rach

Finally, its time for you to meet Rachael. Rach is the one who would lend me her terrible AMAZING boyband CD’s and would have awesome sleepovers all the time. Too many great nights out in town would end at Rachi’s watching Cartoon Network or MTV!

Hi, I’m Rachael, the 2nd oldest of the Feet (by 12 days! Hayles is the old lady of the bunch). I’ve lived in Chester all my life and engaged to Andy. We’ve been together 9 ½ years, before you ask, no we haven’t set a date for the wedding!! I currently work for Animal (surf brand) but would love to work with Animals (the furry kind!). I’m a massive Cheshire Jets fan (basketball) and also part of the court crew. I’d love to do some more travelling, having travelled around NSW, Australia last year in a campervan (best experience ever). I love the outdoors, photography and kayaking. I hate being indoors, doing nothing and people moaning about spelling and punctuation mistakes (sorry other feet……!)

Like the other feet, you can find me on Twitter @rachisim, however, I don’t use/like it much. You can find me on the more exciting Instagram @rachisim where i will post piccies of the race.

Me and the Feet…

Me and the rest of the feet have been friends for 20 years plus. We all know each other through school/living in the same area. In recent years we haven’t met up as much as we would have liked due to living miles apart/clashing work schedules etc. But when we do meet up it’s legendary (Four Feet)

I probably met Helen when she was few weeks old as we’re cousins. Many of my childhood memories of Helen involve whizzing up and down the street on our bikes and kicking ass on Huntington CP School netball team (whilst Hayley and Gemma were cave dwelling in the store cupboard).

I’ve also known Gemma all my life, or should I say her life? I “knew” Gemma when she was in her mums belly hahaha! We were next-door-but-two neighbours and would often shout to each other through our bedroom windows (the days when kids didn’t have mobiles). We currently live together (and have phones!).

I first met Hayley in primary school. As the new girl I remember Hayley being quite quiet (and a book worm and a contortionist!). We soon started spending many summer holidays hanging out. This usually involved going on random shopping trips to Sainsburys and sleep overs where me, Gem and Hayles all slept top and tail in my single bed!

Me and the Race For Life…

I’ve never done the Race For Life before. This is mainly because I don’t do running, any other sport I can do, just not running (fast twitch fibres for those of you in the know…haha). So even though the race isn’t a massive distance, it is definitely a big challenge for me (especially dressed as a bear and being tied to another ‘feet’) .

I’m running the race for life because as Hayley says, ‘cancer is a fucking bastard’ (am I allowed to swear on here?!!). I’m doing it to raise money to help save lives and find a cure. I’m also doing the race for life for every brave soul around the world who has affected by cancer (including friends and several family members).

Me and You…

So, what do I want from you????

I would absolutely LOVE to reach our very ambitious target of £1000

Visit the Race for Life site to see what this money can do.

‘£1,000 could cover around 22 day’s running expenses for an important lab project into a type of children’s cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. The study aims to identify molecules that are involved in driving tumour growth, and this could lead to improved treatments so that more children survive the disease in the future.’

If you would like to help save lives, or if you would just like to see me, Helen, Hayley and Gemma dressed as Goldilocks and the three bears (tied together!), please sponsor Team Feet! Here are the many ways you can do this:

Online –

Text – FEET88 £1 to 70070 (replacing the £1 with whatever amount you’d like)

In Person – just get in touch and you can fill in a sponsor form

PLEASE do it now, as the race is only 3 weeks away (9th June)

Thank you!


Paint for Life

If there are two versions of a product, one in its normal packaging, and one donating money to a cancer charity, chances are that I’ll go for the cancer charity supporting item, even if it costs more. I know, that sounds silly – but I figure if I can help a charity at the same time as doing my shopping, why not?

I like to paint my nails the brightest pink for Race for Life, and never need much of an excuse to buy new polishes.

So when Liloo (one of the kindest, sweetest, funniest bloggers you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet) emailed me to tell me about this collection by BeautyUK, I knew I’d be heading to Superdrug by the end of the week.

For £6 (with £1 going to Cancer Research), you’ll get 3 nail varnishes, in “Hope”, “Love” and “Strength”, three words that are very relevant to Race for Life.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a beauty blogger. If you want decent swatches of these nail varnishes, check out Liloo’s post

This is a great set for anyone taking part in Race for Life – the colours work well together, and I can think of some easy patterns (I can’t call it nail art) to do.

This set is available from the BeautyUK website, or from your nearest Superdrug.

Oh, and if you’d forgotten, my friends and I are running Race for Life next month (!) and we’d love your help getting us to our target of £1000 – check out our sponsorship page!

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