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Up, Up, And Away!

A few weeks ago, I was sent a press release about the new Metropolitan collection from London Retro and offered a pair of my own to review. I was undecided which pair to choose, the play-it-safe Eliza, the slightly-different Victoria or the totally-crazy-yet-awesome Babs (Bethany makes them look awesome in this blog post!) so decided to use MyOptique’s StyleAdvisor feature. Basically, you upload a photo of yourself (I used the one from this post which I’ve been using as my profile picture elsewhere) and answer a few questions about your favourite colours, brands, and even what you’d take to a desert island so they get an idea of your style. The three that came back were the Victoria, the Soho and the Bakerloo. I went for the Bakerloo

They came about a week later, in a pretty box…


…and in the box was a case (and a cleaning cloth, so often forgotten)…


…and in the case was a pair of glasses (obviously)


They’re a lot more purple in this photo than in real life, and are just the right size (well, I think so anyway) so I can have the nerdy glasses look, but they’re not crazily oversized on my face. When they arrived at the office, I put them on straight away and wore them all week – you know how sometimes when you get new glasses, and they’re a bit weird for the first few days? Not these.


This outfit is one that I seem to wear at least once a week at the moment. I bought the top at the Fox+Feather menswear launch in September (which I keep meaning to post about. I blame that other website of mine) – I love it because of the balloons, and the pretty little Peter Pan collar. Balloons are a very Bristolian thing, so this top makes me happy when I wear it. It’s a weird (but amazing) city.


Top: Sugarhill Boutique* | Jeans: F&F* | Shoes : Primark

The Lazy Girls Make Up Bag

I’ve never been very good at wearing make up. At school, the rule was no make up, which most girls translated to “what’s the least you can get away with wearing”. I was such a goody goody – I could just about wear a bit of mascara (brown, so it wasn’t so obvious) and maybe a tinted lip balm (both applied, of course, while on the bus to school). At uni, I’d put on make up for a night out and wipe half of it off because it just felt weird – I didn’t really start wearing foundation until about 5 years ago.

But I have always loved buying makeup. Show me a silly claim about how this mascara will make your lashes curl, be longer (not too long though please, I wear glasses, and I hate my lashes grazing the lenses), run faster, jump higher…sorry, gone a bit Lonely Island there.

These days, I have a make up bag in my handbag (which I only started carrying about maybe a year or two ago?) with certain items in that I can apply while on the bus – after 17 years (woe) of practice, I’m pretty good at putting mascara on while the bus is hurtling along the motorway.


The BB cream is one that I can apply on the move – it sort of smooths everything out, but I’m not sure about the improve skin condition claim. The Photo Flawless mascara is black with a hint of blue – I think it’s supposed to make my eyes look blue-er? The Revlon balm stain are amazing – I have five different colours! Rimmel Scandal Eyes eyeshadow crayon is perfect to apply on the bus, and excitingly, more colours are coming out. The deoderant and the perfume atomiser are fairly obvious, then there’s two lip balms (Bare Minerals and Korres) – both tinted because I haven’t grown out of that yet. Finally, my two favourites – a violet scented hand cream which I recieved in a goody bag from Label Lab when we visited as part of the Bath in Fashion bloggers trip and the life saver that is a Tide pen – Vanessa introduced this to me after I dropped half my Diner lunch down my dress: it’s a pen with stain remover inside, so you scribble it on a stain, and it’s gone when it dries. (It’s about £5 on eBay – I wish they’d bring it out in the UK!)




Something I do like to have though is perfectly polished nails. (Well, mostly perfect. There’s always one nail you wrinkle or smudge). I usually have a pale pale pink on my nails, but when Debenhams got in touch, I let them choose the colours for me and they sent over these three from Lancôme – the middle one (Peach-e Doll) is my favourite (of course) but I love the Corail in Love one as well – coral is such a lovely summery colour!

So, what’s in yours?

Style, Sass, We Got Panache

Since finding out I was a “large” bra size, I have constantly been on the look out for lingerie that wasn’t just supportive and in my price range, but that was pretty. It’s pretty awesome to go to work wearing your boring office clothes knowing that you have something pretty and slightly ridiculous underneath. I’m not talking about sexy lingerie, but just stuff you can wear every day that isn’t uncomfy but still looks awesome.

Ashamedly, Panache wasn’t a brand that I had looked very much at. When looking at lingerie, I was looking at the high street stores like Boux Avenue, then brands like Freya, but I just never looked much further. How silly.


Panache (very kindly!) sent me the Ariza design and it’s beautiful. I always like to have a matching set – it just seems wrong not to match! I love the colours in this set – a beautiful bright purple with bright pink trim (I think you can tell from last weeks outfit post how much I like to wear bright pink!). Wearing a matching set can help to make me feel a little more confident in certain situations, as strange as that sounds!


I often complain about the lack of choice for people in a DD – H range, but I realised this week how lucky we are to have brands like Panache offering such gorgeous designs for the larger cup – I went with my bff to find her a maternity bra (in a J cup…J!) and no matter what the size was, all of the bras available were pretty ugly. I’m so glad that cone shaped, unflattering bra’s aren’t our only choice thanks to brands like Panache!

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