I know, I know. I’ve said many times before about how much I love Polaroids.And although many people complain about the crappyness of the camera on the iPhone, I still use it because its just so handy to be able to upload it to Twitpic or onto this blog.

Unfortunatly sometimes the pictures from the iPhone are a bit washed out, a bit meh. Thankfully I have found an application called ShakeItPhoto for just 59p which acts like Poladroid

The only criticisms that I have of the application are that it doesn’t save the original picture so you can compare the differences, and that you can’t convert pictures you’ve previously taken. But I have Poladroid if I feel that strongly about the last one!

You can purchase ShakeItPhoto from the iTunes store by clicking here

Polaroid, Poladroid

As you probably have realised by now, I love love love Polaroids. I love the excitement of not knowing how the picture looks when you take it, I love that its never the same sort of colours and effects on the pictures, and I even love using a proper old school film camera.
What I’m not so keen on however is the expensive film, and the fact that its becoming harder and harder to find film. (It used to be so easy to find film in the high street stores, but now I’m having to resort to eBay, which I hate!)
So I was pretty pleased to find Poladroid, a simple little program which is for the Mac only at the moment, and most importantly, free. Drag and drop your pictures onto the little picture coming out of the Polaroid camera image (which is the actual program) and it will spit out a photo which will need a bit of time to develop. The pictures even lay on your desktop in a haphazard, oh-it-just-fell, kinda way.
Heres a few examples…

Helen in the aquarium

The giant cup and I

Alec, who actually dresses like this all the time, and was in no way mocking the same-y boys in Urban Outfitters. Oh no.

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