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I know that you’d expect this sort of post before Christmas, but to me, its in the first few months of the year when that it gets really cold and snowy that I want these sort of home comforts a lot more. Most important on my list would be a soft cotton robe* and cashmere bed socks* with a suitably cute pair of pyjamas underneath. I’d grab my mini hot water bottle* (by the way, these are amazing if you have a lot of back pain – they’re small enough to be able to keep them at work or in your bag. When I’m having one of my back back times, its the best thing I own) and jump into the polka dot* bed with a cute throw* on top to keep extra warm.

I like to watch rubbish TV while I make plans, so I’d write everything down in my diary – I haven’t yet bought one, but I love the monthly Moleskine set* and you can never have too many candles – since money is no object in this little collection, I’d go for this Yankee Candle* set from QVC, and an eye mask* is always necessary.

What essentials do you need for a chilled out night in?

Hide the Credit Card: Paperchase Cupcakes

I know, I know. I’m an enabler. Even if you don’t live near a Paperchase (lucky bastards), you can still succumb to the lovelyness, as they currently sell things via Amazon. (Paperchase have a new site coming in September, but I’m impatient and want to make you buy things now. I’m totally doing an evil laugh right now.)

Since this is a blog by a girl, and since all lady bloggers must love cupcakes (its actually part of the rules you have to stick to if you want to be a blogger. (1) Must like cupcakes), I thought I’d tempt you all with some of Paperchase’s Candy Cupcakes themed items.

First up is a cute Cake Stand for £25. Paperchase is brilliant for random little gifty type items lately, and I love cake stands for no real reason other than they’re pretty and they’re quite useful to dump all the random stuff like jewellery on.

Of course, if you’re going to have cakes to put on the cake stand, you’ll need a cake tin (£7). Duh. And, because I’m that fussy, obviously it would have to match. I mean, whats the point otherwise?

Of couse, with cake, you must have tea. This mug is just the right size for a brew and is only £4.75

Quite a few bloggers have their own business cards or Moo cards to give to people with their website address on. I love this idea, because its such a faff to either pull out a notebook and going “sorry, how do you spell that?” or to get them to write it (running the risk later of not being able to translate someone elses handwriting). This

Business Card Case for £6.50 will make sure that all the cards you’re given at an event will stay looking lovely!

Finally, when you’re a bit drunken after the event (because be honest, that wasn’t tea you were drinking was it!), these

Key Caps (2 for £5) will help you remember which key is the house key. Sadly it wont help you get the key into the door, you’ll need to figure that one out yourself.

* all Amazon links in this entry are affiliate links, meaning if you click it and buy the item, I get a little percentage, which would probably be spent on more things from Paperchase *sigh*


The Girl recently commented on my Filofax post with:

“You have Paperchase by your office? Hello my name is jealous”

And yes, when I didn’t work near a Paperchase, I’d have thought it was the greatest thing ever (the nearest ones being in House of Fraser which back in t’day (ok…two years ago) weren’t open past 6pm or in Borders (which was a crap one anyway))

But now? Its a DANGER.

You might convince yourself that you’re going to pop in and ONLY come out with a birthday card for someone. Then somehow between going in and paying, you’ve ended up with £15 of stuff (I’ve done that)

Paperchase (and stationary in general) is an addiction. Its like crack. In fact, crack would be a better addiction to have, because then I wouldn’t end up with piles of pretty notebooks with nothing written in them because

  • They’re far too pretty to write in
  • I don’t know what to write in them
  • I’m a geek, I write everything on my iPhone anyway (or in my Filofax of course)

It tempts me every day with its swish colour changing logo and pretty things in the window. The bastard.

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