Stitch Fix – Take Three

So, time for my third Stitch Fix box. I’ve been really enjoying these boxes, especially since I realised that I can send messages to the stylist to let them know what’s going on. I sent the stylist a message before my box was sent to let them know that I’m not wearing jeans or trousers at the moment  and received a lovely note in my box from my stylist Lindsey, who had obviously taken this into account and provided clothing that was soft, comfortable and casual. It’s been 5 weeks since my op, and I’m hoping to get the brace off soon but until then, I’m still wearing dresses and skirts.

So here’s what I got this time!

  • Green Hummingbird Liara Knot Front Knit Top ($32)
  • Grey Jolie Reid French Terry Knit Top ($36)
  • Red Gilli Morgana Maxi Skirt ($48)
  • Striped Papermoon Anica One Pocket Knit Top ($38)
  • White Mix by 41 Hawthorn Ashbury Essential Knit Top ($28)

In all of these photos, I’m wearing the red maxi skirt that was sent ($48). I haven’t worn a maxi skirt in a while because I always feel like they don’t really suit me well enough but I really liked this one. It was so long, I could easily have worn it pulled up to my boobs but the only reason I returned it was that the material was a little too clingy, and I felt like you could see every bump and lump which would make me paranoid, even though I doubt anyone else would even notice!

This top was the white essential knit top ($28) which was a really decent price, but I have two other white tops that are very similar so it was silly to keep this one as well.

I liked this green knot front top ($32) but all of my tops at the moment are being worn tucked into skirts, and I thought this would look much better with leggings and jeans which I doubt I’ll be wearing for a while, especially if we get a crazy summer like last year!

This grey knit top ($36) was probably the biggest fail in the box. I’m sure it’s super cute when you finally figure out how to wear it, but it was such a weird shape with tight arms and huge torso. I put the top on and pulled the sleeves up as far as I could on my arms but was left with this situation


The only thing I chose to keep from this box was this striped t-shirt ($38) – it’s so soft, and I like the buttons that go up the back (which unlike the top from a previous box, doesn’t gape!). But then, if you were going to choose one item from this box that I’d probably go for, it would be this one, because I have a problem with stripes (although have donated quite a few since this picture was taken!)

I may have a problem with stripy tops

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If you’re in the US, this link will give you your first Fix for free (and I’ll receive $25 towards future purchases). I really enjoy getting the Stitch Fix boxes, especially when they send things that I really would never have thought to look at – this skirt is definitely one – while I’ve sent this one back because of the material, I’m thinking about how else I could style a maxi skirt now! My only complaint would be that the things I quite like are usually things that I already own similar items, but you could also look at that as it being a pretty close match to my own style!

Stitch Fix – A Second Go

In January, I tried out Stitch Fix for the first time and wasn’t super impressed with the items I received. I figured I’d give it a second go, because I suspect that boxes get better over time when the stylist gets to know what sort of thing you like. I changed my frequency to every other month, which seems like a good amount of time between each box.

So! The items that I received in this Fix were:

  • Light grey Artemis knit top ($42)
  • White Mackenzie Henley blouse ($44)
  • Black Dawson bar neck knit top ($38)
  • Black Asa knit blazer ($68)
  • Indigo Elvina skinny jean ($64)

Price wise, I felt like they were slightly more reasonable than the last fix I received, and style wise, it was much more the sort of thing I like to wear on a daily basis. In case you’ve forgotten what Stitch Fix is about, you get sent 5 items and have 3 days to try them on and decide if you want to keep any of them. Excuse the hastily snapped pics in the front room – I realised I needed to return the items the next day and hadn’t even opened the box! If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll know I fell skiing last week so it’s difficult to stand on my left leg…this isn’t just me trying to pose cutely, I’m just trying not to fall over!

Light grey Artemis knit top ($42) | Indigo Elvina skinny jean ($64)

I didn’t hate this top, but I didn’t keep it because all the interesting design is at the back (not sure how obvious it is from these pics, but it was a backwards cardigan style with patches on the elbows) and for some reason, the buttons didn’t sit flat at the top part (I mean, I know I’ve been focusing on arm days this week because I’ve hurt my knee, but I don’t think my gainz are that extreme!)

Black Dawson bar neck knit top ($38) | Indigo Elvina skinny jean ($64)

I’ve only just noticed that I didn’t tuck in the hanger ribbons on the top! I didn’t mind this top, but again, it was a little too basic to keep.

White Mackenzie Henley blouse ($44) | Indigo Elvina skinny jean ($64)

I really liked this blouse – the length is what I’m looking for at the moment and the pattern is not one I would go for in a shop but I think it looks pretty good on!

White Mackenzie Henley blouse ($44) | Black Asa knit blazer ($68) | Indigo Elvina skinny jean ($64)

Finally, I received a blazer which was the first thing I pulled out of the box and literally cheered! I’ve been looking for something like this for a year or so and I feel like this is one of the benefits of the service.
In all of these pictures, I wore the jeans that were sent in the box which fitted really nicely, but I feel like all I wear at the moment are jeans, and I already have quite a few pairs that are fairly similar to this.

I decided to keep the Mackenzie blouse and the Asa blazer because they’re things that I think I will wear often, and wouldn’t have bought myself or have been able to find! I think I’ll keep the service for at least another go – it’s just a shame that this doesn’t exist yet in the UK because I had a few messages yesterday on Instagram! If you’re in the US, this link will give you your first Fix for free (and I’ll receive $25 towards future purchases)

Stitch Fix

I heard about Stitch Fix when it first came out, but being in the UK, I wasn’t able to sign up. I totally forgot about the service until recently when I saw a blog post by Jenn at Hello Rigby. She had a link that waved the $20 fee, so I thought it was a good time to check it out.

First, if you don’t know what it is, Stitch Fix is a styling service where you tell them your statistics, and what you love, and they’ll try to send you a few new pieces of clothing to see if you like them. If you do end up keeping any of the items, then you get the styling fee taken from the bill, but anything you don’t love can be returned.

The five items I was sent were a pair of skinny jeans ($68), a quilted gilet ($68), a duster cardigan ($50), a t-shirt ($38) and a jumper ($48). The prices were a little more than I would pay, but they were on the whole decent quality. I love how the box came with a few suggestions on how to style each piece and the stylist would give reasons why they chose those items for you. I believe that you can use Pinterest to tell your stylist what sort of thing you would like, but frustratingly, there is no alternative – I dislike Pinterest so it doesn’t seem fair to penalise the user for not using a certain social network. You can send a note to tell your stylist if you have any events coming up so you could probably send them to links to blog posts, outfits you like or Instagram posts.

T-shirt and jeans from the box

Jumper and jeans from the box

Cardigan and jeans from the box, t-shirt from New Look

Gilet and jeans from the box, t-shirt from New Look

I like the idea of Stitch Fix, especially if you are as useless at choosing outfits as I am, but it will be interesting to see whether the choices will improve for me. If you’d like to sign up, I have an affiliate link for Stitch Fix here which gives you your first Fix for free!

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