Why I Hate Secret Santas

The giant creepy Santa that stands outside my office window. Its actually more hideous in the daylight.

Its been a long time since I felt really festive in the run up to Christmas, but this year has been a bit different, with a few more parties (all of which were fun and produced horrid photos. The shoes, by the way, have become a little more comfortable with each wear (and by a little, I mean a minute fraction), but I am still very grateful that I have a pair of Redfoot folding pumps* which I bought a few years ago and are still in reasonably good shape.)

Theres just one thing that I really dislike about this time of year. Secret Santa. Whoever came up with this as a “fun” office activity has obviously never worked in an office. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure its a great activity when you get someone you know so well, and can find a perfect present within the price limit. But I never have. Theres two ways of doing the secret Santa – where you pick names out of a hat, in which case its incredibly likely that you will end up with the person you can’t stand in the office, or someone who has started a week before so you know absolutely nothing about them. The other way is where you pick whether you will buy for a boy or a girl – a generic choice is not always a good thing.

So choosing the gift – thats the first problem. You end up panic buying something that you hope someone will like. And theres the second half. Receiving. Even if you pick the most perfect gift for someone, you’re still going to end up with something picked up at the garage/pound shop. Your reaction can only be a polite smile, a “How cute!/useful!/unusual!” (Unusual is the best choice, it covers a multitude of sins.) and a note to yourself to put it in the next charity bag. (But you won’t, and it will just collect dust at home until you end up regifting it yourself. Its like a hideous cycle!)

The only Secret Santa I participate in is with my Four Feet – someones boyfriend chooses who we all get and messages us on Facebook to tell us who to buy for. It works quite well! An exception to the rule – but then we have all known each other for at least 20 years (Oh. We’re old.)

Whats the worst thing you’ve ever received in a Secret Santa? Alternatively, give me some hope and tell me what the best thing you’ve ever had is!

Shoe Porn: PPQ at Office

Todays blog post isn’t the post I intended to write. Todays blog post just shows how bloody easily I am distracted by a email. (It also possibly shows how obsessed I am with shoes – both times I tried to write shows there, I wrote shoes first. Bloody hell.)

PPQ is a label that I always want most of the things in their collection, and through the collaboration they did with Oli a few years ago, I have one of their dresses (a beautiful red one that I bought for my best friends wedding. Really should wear that dress again. Someone have an event I can wear it to please.)

When a newsletter appeared from Office, my usual thought was just to archive it but then I saw the subject line of “PPQ at OFFICE now launched!” Damn it.

The Catwalk Wedge Black Suede* (£110) isn’t my usual style, but I love it. LOVE. Well, mostly love. Look at that peep toe. Why? WHY? Boots are always spoilt with a peep toe.

The Tiziri Stiletto Sandal Red Suede* (£85) is also available in black* and green* (ew). Its much more my usual sort of style, but again, peep toe! I’m seriously tempted by the black pair (look at the grip on the bottom of the shoes as well, no flying over on a slippy floor and showing your knickers to everyone) but I also like the red pair (not really sure what I could wear it with – red shoes and a red dress would be a bit much!)

Its not all love though. The Amina Platform Court Black/Multi Sat* (£85) (catchy name) looks like someone vomited a few different patterned fabrics on there. No, really – theres a harlequin on the toe, some sequins, something else at the heel. The term “hot mess” might be used by some people with regards to this shoe, but I can’t use it (not even with a straight face)

I’m sadly still on the shoe ban, but these shoes are (mostly) gorgeous enough to break the ban. The pricing is pretty similar to the normal sort of prices of Office (ouch – this is why I only ever go in when theres a sale on) which is always a good thing – designer collaborations shouldn’t mean that the price is inflated to match their ego!



(Why do the links to the shoes have stars next to them? Read this page – they’re affiliate links, but this doesn’t affect why I’m sharing these!)

My Little Room

I’m really nosy, and love seeing other peoples workspaces, and I thought that I would share mine with you, because I’ve just moved out of our joint office into the boxroom.

I’ll be honest, I hated the bright red wall when I came home after Christmas and found that I had been evicted from the bright yellow room, but its starting to grow on me. I want to recover the desk chair properly and also the dog bed, perhaps I’ll do that this week (or probably not)

Yes, the dog has her own bed in here (and also some treats on the bookshelf, of course!).

My lovely new computer with its 2 x 24″ widescreens, is such an upgrade from my old 17″ iMac. I’ve also borrowed Alex’s wireless keyboard and trackpad which matched my Mac Mini better (what?!)

I’ve not really had a chance to decorate it how I’d like yet, but I put up a few pictures that had been lurking in the garage since I moved in (there wasn’t enough space on the walls so I ended up having to prop some up – lets pretend I did that on purpose.

What does your workspace/office/computer area look like?

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