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On My Own

The boyfriend flew off to Las Vegas on Sunday for 10 days of work after a fun day on Saturday celebrating his birthday with our friends. I love Bristol so much because although we were in the middle of the typical high street shops, we went bowling at a retro styled bowling alley (I wish the actual bowing alley part wasn’t retro, because it breaks down so bloody often! Its still much nicer than the Megabowl out of town!), had tapas (and ordered so many dishes we couldn’t fit them on the table! Still ate it all though, yum) then went for a game of golf (In case you were wondering, I am crap at golf. I’m not that good at bowling, but I usually get a flukey strike in.)

Anyway. He’s only been away once before, again to Vegas, but that was back in November when I was an employed bum. Being alone at home wasn’t so bad when I saw people in the day (and if you remember my daily grumblings about my colleagues, you’ll understand how desperate I was for any sort of company!) but now I’m an unemployed loser, its just me and the dog in the house all day. Its starting to get to me a bit, so I thought I would write the reasons why its ace to be on my own.

1. Being able to watch any TV shows I want.
Which usually means something on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel in the day time, and Comedy Central or FX in the evening. I end up watching the kids channels in the day time because I can’t stand shows like Cash in the Attic or Come Dine With Me. However, Nickelodeon only seems to show a few shows, and as a result, I now know too much about shows like iCarly, Victorious and True Jackson VP. Oh, and I end up singing along with the theme tunes. I’m almost thankful I’m alone!

2. Eating what I like
We eat pretty well really – theres a few too many Dominos orders, but other than that, its not like we’re living off Pot Noodles and frozen ready meals. But sometimes, you want the “bad” foods. So this week I am living off frozen ready meals (the shame: they’re Weight Watchers ones as well. As if that makes some sort of difference) and snack pots (oh instant mashed potato with “roast onions”, I love you most of all). I’m also indulging in my favourite sandwich, peanut butter and raw onion. Yum yum yum.

3. Lazy clothes
Not that I am the sort of girl who dresses up all the time anyway, but once the boyfriend leaves the house, I am straight into my tatty PJ’s. You’ve got a pair, they’re a bit too short for you, the stitching’s coming undone on the seams, they’ve got a splodge of dye from the last time you dyed your hair. These are the pj’s that you said you were going to throw away when you moved in, but somehow they got packed and you can’t bear to throw them away.
Despite being at home all day on my own, I do actually get dressed. Just thought I’d mention that.

4. The little chores
Those things that you put off, seem so desperately important to do now. As a result, the dog is groomed (and unhappy about it), the sewing pile has reduced quite a bit and the artwork bought for the front room 3 months ago is finally hung.

However, there are things that aren’t so good about being on my own. A brief and unordered list as follows:

  • I find myself talking to the dog. A lot. She doesn’t seem to understand me, but man, she sure looks like she does.
  • I have played far more solitaire in the past week than I have the rest of my life. I fully blame this on my iPad – I downloaded a free app when I went to see my Dad at Xmas (to taunt him) and have gotten hooked. “Just one more game” turns into half an hour of playing.
  • Lie ins. Despite setting an alarm for 8.30, I end up lazing in till 11. This is awful! I can’t remember the last time I was so lazy with my time.
  • Not seeing anyone. Twitter and IM’ing is fine to chat to people, but seeing someone face to face is just so much better! Thankfully, my bff, Helen is coming to visit this weekend for an anti-Valentines Day – I’m so excited! So much Singstar to do! Sorry neighbours, but I might have to test out the new surround sound system in the front room. Your house will be vibrating to “Never Forget” on Saturday night.

Cheer me up! Send me blogs to read, things to do, and talk to me!

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