New Years Resolutions 2019

I do really love these posts. I know it’s uncool to have new years resolutions these days, and there will be edge lords on Twitter who will slate people who are doing something, but there’s just something nice about the start of a new year to make a change.

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First, as ever, I like to look back at last years resolutions

  • Be brave
    • Be brave in doing more things 
    • Be brave in meeting new people 
    • Be brave in just leaving comments online 

Doing more things – well, I guess I did do this…except then I agreed to try skiing.

Meet new people – I started the year well, going to events, and then I had my accident and felt like that really put me back a few squares. But towards the end of the year, I created a reoccurring event in a local group where I go to a coffee shop and if anyone wants to join me to do some work, then they can. At the very least, it gets me out of the house…the dogs are great but they are not very good at conversations.

Leaving comments online – I tried, I really have. I still feel super awkward, especially when the person doesn’t really know me.

  • Less procrastinating

ahahahhahahah Why am I so bad at this?

  • Get back into shape

This has been so difficult and I’ve not done well at it. With the knee still recovering, I can’t run or jump (which cuts out a lot of HIIT routines) but I’ve started seeing a personal trainer again who finds exercises for me to try. The knee gives out sometimes, but much less than it did even a month ago, so I guess it’s getting stronger!

  • Blog more?

I guess I haven’t really done much on here because I haven’t really done anything worth talking about, but I feel like I’ve been much better about posting on Bonjour, Blogger! which can be difficult, finding something to post three times a week.

So, 2019! Let’s do this.

  • Meet more people

You don’t really realise how big your circles are until you move away from them. When it hits 4pm here, things get very quiet online and it’s just a bit meh. I want to find more cool local people to follow!

  • No, really, get into shape

I know, it’s so basic, and the diet industry is a terrible one that preys on your insecurities, but I know that I feel better at a certain weight, not just in how I look, but literally in how my body works. I can feel some of the pains I haven’t had for a few years coming back, and I don’t want that.

  • Take better care of my body

Not just in terms of fitness, but things like remembering to moisturise daily and take my vitamins. I know these are basic things that everyone seems to just do automatically, but I have never been able to do it!

  • Do the things without worrying about other people

It’s hard, it’s always something I have on the list – I have ideas and plans for my ~*online presence*~ that I know would be useful, but I put them off because I’m worried about what other people think. I launched my create a media kit in 5 days email course last week, but creating a course to share with people has been my plan for at least 6 months. I just keep assuming it’s not good enough to share.

Tell me about your resolutions!

New Years Resolutions 2017

3 selfies, 2 foods and 1 dog. What's up with that, Instagram? #2016bestnine

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My ninth resolution post! That’s kinda crazy. So, as ever, I’m going to look at last years points:

  • Build my strength more
    Actually, yeah, I think I have done this. I changed my routine in May or June to start going to the gym before work instead of after, and that was the best thing I did. I have really enjoyed weight lifting, and have even started running. I KNOW.
  • Look after myself more
    Going to the gym meant that I haven’t taken painkillers for my back in a year. Woo! I have also been seeing a physio on a regular basis which has also helped a lot.
    Beauty wise, I haven’t been very good. I think I’ve only had two hair cuts this year and haven’t been near a salon for my nails!
  • Study!
    Yeaaaaaah….lets not talk about this one. I got so busy!
  • Blog, but organically
    Yeah, I think I did. If by organically, I mean “when I remembered I had a blog and had some time”. To be honest, it’s nice to have somewhere to just write about things I like without feeling like I have to write something.
  • Something something Bonjour, Blogger!
    I reduced down the amount I was posting on BB, and it has been a lot easier for me to fit in. Automating a lot of social media stuff really helped keep the traffic at the same level, which is good and frustrating (good – yay, people still visit! frustrating – what was the bloody point in the first place?)
    I’d really like to hear what other people want to see from the site in 2017 – if you’ve got a few minutes spare, please head over to the survey!
  • Stop saving for best
    This has been surprisingly difficult! I even do this with food, which is so dumb. SO DUMB.

So what am I planning for 2017?

  • Get out more
    This year, we picked up a new pup, Jess. (I haven’t even posted about her here yet, how rubbish!) She’s a complete knobhead but very very adorable. My aim next year is to take her and Jill out more often (not Fern though because she’s an old lady and hates going outside)
  • Keep improving at the gym
    Not just by increasing the amount I lift (do u even lift bro) but with the cardio as well. Running has been a new thing this year that I hate but that burns more calories, so increasing the length of time I can run before slowing down would be pretty awesome.
  • Procrastinate less
    I’m writing this to procrastinate from doing something useful. Stop this, me.
  • Meet more people
    I have met some excellent new people this year, and next year I want to keep meeting more! It’s one of the best things about Twitter for me – that I can meet people where I live who are interested in the same things as me without having to do any weird meetup type things.
  • Say yes!
    I am not very good at saying yes to big scary things, so let’s change that one as well.

What are you planning next year?

New Years Resolutions 2016


Previous years: 20152014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009

I never used to do new years resolutions, but once I started writing them down here, it’s like you have to at least try to do them, and not set ridiculous ones that you’re bound to fail. I couldn’t care less whether other bloggers have posted these posts, because honestly, this is more for me than you.

So, as always, a recap of the previous ones…

  • Organise more blogging events
    I’m not unhappy about the amount of #blogclub events that we held this year, but we could have done more (maybe). The events that we did hold were pretty amazing though – we’ve worked with some excellent companies to hold the events, and I hope we can continue that sort of thing!
  • Exercise
    I cycled quite a bit on my Turbo (wich is a thing that turns a normal bike into an exercise one) but when it came to actually going outside on the bike, I was afraid! I stopped exercising for a bit after a flare up with my back but then started seeing a personal trainer in August. So, I guess this one is checked off?
  • Blog more
    hahahhahahaah no.
  • Develop Bonjour, Blogger! further
    Hm. Not especially?
  • Networking
    Nope. Not doing too well on this list, am I?

So in 2016, I’m thinking…

  • Build my strength more
    One of the things that I’ve been surprised by with seeing a PT is that I really enjoy the weights and strength work that we’ve done. I love that I can now leg press over 220lbs, I had forgotten that I really enjoy going to the gym (I KNOW) and I’ve found that exercise has helped with my pain issues.  I’d like to build up my arms a bit more so I can carry more shopping
  • Look after myself more
    I’ve always been crap at this. I will keep working through the lurgy and with my back problems, I would just keep taking the stronger and stronger painkillers. Except that wasn’t the best thing because the painkillers meant that 2015 is pretty hazy tbh – the year just passed me by and I don’t feel like I achieved or even did anything, you know? The exercise has helped me stop taking the painkillers, and I have regular appointments with a physio which also helps.
    I also want to keep more on top of beauty stuff – I am terrible for waiting months for a hair cut or an eyebrow thread and I never get my nails done, but it’s silly, because those things make me feel better about how I look. So maybe I should do them more?
  • Study!
    One thing that did happen in 2015 is that I got promoted. Which is kinda cool, y’know, but I felt like I needed to be doing something else as well. I signed up to study CIMA but I’ve been a bit crap at studying and just general time stuff. I want to at least get my CIMA certificate this year (I only have one module to do, so in theory it’s not that hard to do.)
  • Blog, but organically
    You guys use Timehop, right? It’s amazing, embarrassing, hilarious and ridiculous all at the same time. Since I connected my Twitter account to it, I keep getting the old tweets where my blog auto posted, and the things I’ve noticed about the posts from 5-6 years ago is that they were organic, for lack of a better word. I would see something I liked, snap a picture with my iPhone 3G (retro!) and write about it. I miss that, and I think it’s one of the reasons many of the older bloggers around have been considering quitting lately. It’s amazing how blogging has grown into such an industry, but it’s nice to go back to how it started when we enjoyed writing nonsense.
    (I’ve been trying out these sort of posts with my last few and it was nice to just post for the sake of it, not because I felt like I had to)
  • Something something Bonjour, Blogger!
    Around the time I started seeing my personal trainer, and my birthday, and all the other things, I had a blog wobble, where you see someone else copying something that you did ages ago and they’re getting all the praise for it and you’re like “fuck, is there even a point to doing this?”
    So, I pretty much quit posting on the site for the year.
    I’ve missed it though, and I’m going to relaunch the site tomorrow – new layout, a less crazy posting schedule (every day was a little ridiculous, let’s be honest) and less pressure on myself. The numbers visiting haven’t dropped that much, so I know that daily posting isn’t as beneficial to the site as me getting extra sleep is ;)
  • Stop saving for best
    I am terrible for buying things and then not using them because I’m saving them for best. Except that’s pretty bloody stupid when its a face wash or a perfume I like. I am trying to get into the habit of not hording so much and using things I buy, but it’s more difficult that you’d expect!

If you’re using the new year as a reason to kick start your own personal to-do lists, yay! I hope you achieve everything you want to!
If you’re not setting any resolutions, I’m glad for that as well!

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