The Pilton Pop Festival

So Glastonbury is over for another year. After seeing certain performances on BBC (hooray for the red button!), I wish I had gone now. I should go next year, since its quite close to me, and my friends live quite close to the site as well.

Picture of Katie from the Ting Tings from BBC

This weekend, I was actually in Evercreech with my friends Louise and Nathan. Evercreech is about 5 miles from the festival site. We had dinner at the pub over the road from their house, and the barmen in the pub were asking Nathan if he could go and steal a helicopter and fly them into the site. Nathans reply was that he would need a few more pints of Bombadeer first!

We had a nice evening, playing Wii and being attacked by their 7 week old nameless kitten. We turned on the BBC 3 coverage later on, and watched Jay Z, and went into the garden to see if we could hear it from there. We could hear the general sounds from the site, but the main acts had finished by then. Louise and I were a little excited at one point when we realised Jay Z and Beyonce were literally down the road from us. Nahan was not too impressed.

Hot Chip were quite fun as well, mostly because we realised that they look remarkably like our old economics tutors from Aberystwyth!

I’m sitting at my desk, and as I look out the window onto the main road, I can see the bus loads of people going back to Temple Meads to go home… even from here, they look dirty! Eugh.

* Oh, and the title of this entry comes from the fact that none of the locals refered to the festival as anything else. Its a nicer name anyway.


I had the most exciting phone call yesterday from my friend Louise…her and Nathan have finally gotten engaged!
Here is a picture of them at their smuggest*:

Louise told me that the ring he gave her came in a green box with a white bow… I had to check if she meant blue-y turquoise, perhaps Tiffany Blue? Apparently I was the only one who worked out where the ring was from just from the box. Does this mean I am just obsessed with jewellery and clothes, or that I know brands from just the colour of the packaging?
I can’t wait for the wedding (2010? How will I be able to wait that long?) and know that it will be an awesome event (with milk of the mooses, and many Navy men. Lou, please invite some hot ones.)
A few more photos of my favourite French people**

*Smuggest is totally a word, and is perfect to describe smug to-be-married couples.
** They’re from the Isle of Wight, which we usually just refer to as being France.

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