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Nights In White Satin

Last year, I blogged about lingerie and Valentines being linked together in the tackiest way. This year, I thought I’d share some pretty sets that I wouldn’t be too heart broken to recieve (HINT HINT)


First up, from Boux Avenue, are the pretty, vintage styling of bras that we’ve come to expect from them. This purple satin bra* (£24) (described as bandeau style on the website, but lets face it, above a D cup, and you can’t really get a bandeau bra) is in my favourite colour, so is quite near the top of my wish list. This lacy balconette bra* (£30) and “Victoriana” (I’m not sure where the Victorian part comes from) hot pink satin bra* (£26) are close behind though!



Next up is the new range from M&S created with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I love the colours and the rose printed fabric, and this rose print bra* (£22.50) is almost too pretty to even wear, never mind be hidden by clothes. A simpler style of bra is available in this brown colour*, a pretty pink* or a “nude” shade – all £22.50 for the bra.

Valentines isn’t just about pretty knickers, and this rose printed camisole* (£35) and matching French knickers* (£17.50) set was made for flitting around in.


Finally, from ASOS (I know, I wouldn’t have had them down for pretty pants either!), there’s actually a great collection of lacy underthings. This lace panelled corset* is £75 (and pretty gorgeous too) whilst this blue satin bra* is £38.

Sod it, I’ll just go and buy them myself.

Lace & Leather

Dress: ASOS | Necklaces: Primark and COS | (Leather) Shoes (er…not seen): New Look (similar from KG*)

So this outfit is from the Aussie Angels event that took place last weekend? Weekend before? I’m still feeling a bit mixed up with my days from the Easter break. I have so many things to post about lately, but have been feeling very unmotivated to do anything. Blah! Any tips on how to shift the blogging blues?

Slightly related, I started a new Tumblr this week to post about the little things that make me happy, because looking at that sort of list would make me happy anyway! If you’d like to see it, its called “Finding Joy in my Day

Yesterday, I went to a cooking school in Clifton and learnt about making lots of yummy brunch foods – after making them, we had to eat them. I still feel a bit “Man vs Food” about it all! After that, Bonny and I walked down into Cabot Circus for a bit of shopping with a bit of a detour for tea at Swinky Sweets where we spotted these fab cupcake bouquets – I’ve never been the sort of girl to love big bouquets of flowers, so this is perfect for me!

Some New Sensation

Too lazy today to do an outfit post. I tried, but, blah. Have been trying to think about what to wear next month – London Fashion Week has made its way around again, and instead of the one day I managed last year, I’m going to be in London for three days. You may find this odd, but thats (a) the longest I’ve ever spent in London, and (b) the first time I’ve ever been to London and not had any definite plans. I’m incredibly excited, and trying to organise myself to see as many lovely people as possible – I’m hoping to get everyone together on one night for dinner like last time and I’ve been eying up various places that I keep hearing about from other bloggers and never go to – the Diner, anyone?

Above is a little collage of the things I’ve bought lately (or am considering) – a few dresses from ASOS, a dress from COS (I love this, its a similar shape to my many other dresses, but with a strong waistband), a crocheted collar, a gorgeous coat. The shoes, surprisingly, are the only things unbought – I’m trying to hunt down a pair of sparkly brogues – Primark had them on sale for £3, but not in my size – and another pair of shoes with a high, thick, heel that are comfortable. Am I hoping for the impossible?

I’m not even sure yet if I have a pass, or tickets to any shows, but I’m really excited about going, because I know I’ll get to see people I never see. Damn living on the other side of the country!

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