So, outfit posts. Yeah. Remember those? I’m trying them again. Be gentle.


Dress: Jack Wills* | Shoes: Dr Martens | Glasses: LensWay

I did not expect to be wearing anything from Jack Wills that wasn’t my old battered hoodie, but I fell for this Porchfield dress* when I saw it on the site. The reason I was on the Jack Wills website is that a while ago, there was a PeerPerk where I was able to claim a different sort of dress for my “influence” on Twitter . They weren’t able to send out the Keynsham dress, but instead I received a gift card for the same value. I was obviously so close to spending the gift card on a one piece suit* (/sarcasm) but spotted this and ordered quickly (so eager, I ordered from my phone as I was on the way home after a few pints…thankfully this isn’t a regretted drunk purchase!) While this dress is described on the Jack Wills site as a perfect summer dress, I think that this colour and pattern can work well with my constantly present opaque black tights. (M&S 60 denier value tights* – £4 for 3 pairs, and are perfectly thick)


Staying In, Going Out

New Years Eve splits people into two groups – those who adore going out, getting glammed up, and partying till the early hours of the morning, and those who are much happier at home. In previous years, New Years has always been a bit of a random night, usually ending up at someones house doing a bit of Singstar. The past few however have been spent at home, eating cheese and biscuits and drinking champagne – much more my sort of thing! I think thats the plan again this year, but I couldn’t not look at pretty sparkly dresses could I?

1 * 2 * 3 *

1 * 2 * 3 *

Dresses from AX Paris, Oasis and Motel – not my usual shops to browse in (well, except Oasis) but they’ve got such gorgeous sparkly things in stock at the moment! Even better, these three brands are easy to find on most high streets, so if you are still looking for an outfit for tomorrow night, you still have time!

I never need an excuse to buy more night wear and lounge wear – theres nothing more satisfying when you get home from work to be able to put on something so much more comfortable.  This week has been so nice to be able to wear lazy clothes – I think going back to work on Tuesday will be a bit of a shock! I do want a nice set for the new year – here’s a few of my choices from Boux Avenue, Jack Wills (I know, but I love the pyjama set in their brand colours. At least I wouldn’t wear it out), Fat Face (who always have gorgeous nightwear) and Dorothy Perkins (so much of my wardrobe is coming from there lately – I’ve ended up with 5 of those circle dresses I’ve posted about before!)

1 * 2 * 3 *

1 * 2 * 3 *

1 * 2 * 3 *

1 * 2 * 3 *

Whatever you do, I hope you have an amazing time!

HtCC – Tweed Blazers

Whenever I think of tweed, I think of my friend Julian. He loves tweed. Even his site design is tweedy! It seems like tweed is fashionable this autumn (well…its supposed to be autumn, but as I type this, I’ve got a long cardi, my fingerless mittens on and a snood on and I’m still cold!)

Heres a few of my favourite tweedy blazers – I’d wear mine with a white blouse, jeans, and some calf length flat boots.

Jack Wills isn’t normally a store I’d venture into – they’re quite overpriced for a shop which mainly sells hoodies and joggers. £110 for a duvet cover* (not even a set!) £3.50 for a big marker pen*? For a shop aimed at university students, the pricing is a bit ridiculous.

However! This “Coldwell Tweed Blazer*” is quite cute – I like the cut and it looks like it is longer than the rest but at £229, its going to be staying on the wishlist for now.

If the Jack Wills jacket was a bit overpriced, then this Admiral Tweed Jacket* from Cath Kidston for £245 is even further down the list. This is less tweedy looking though, and more like a wool jacket. I love the little brooches on the lapels, but not enough love to spend that much!

Unusually, it seems that Topshop has the more affordable versions here. This blazer has velvet trims all over, and even elbow patches! At only £70, its a bit of a bargain compared to the rest! Annoyingly though, this is a “shrunken” blazer – meaning its probably even more tiny than the usual Topshop offerings.

It feels wrong, but this blazer is probably my favourite out of the four blazers here. Not only is it Topshop, but its from the Kate Moss range. Again though, its “shrunken”, so will be too short for me to wear. £120 isn’t a bad price though, and the turquoise satin lining is gorgeous!

It seems I’m still going to be on the hunt for a decently priced well fitting blazer for me. Bah!

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