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Shoe Porn: Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere

…and for those of you who have a pair of glittery shoes, you’ll know that title is quite literal.

I’m such a magpie when it comes to glitter and sequins. I had an amazing pair of pumps when I was at uni, they were multicoloured sequins and flat (perfect for the hills of Aberystwyth!) but they got destroyed when I walked in a huge rainstorm to visit my mum at the hospital. She told me off and threw some money at me, telling me to get into town and buy a new pair of shoes before I came back to visit her! I already have one beautiful pair of glittery heels but I need more. MORE!

glitter heels

First up – the party shoes. It’s coming up to office Christmas party season, and glittery shoes are the best way to make an outfit seem festive. Wedges like the nude pair from Debenhams* (1) (£37.50 in the sale!) or the black glitter wedge pair from Dune* (5) (£51 in House of Fraser’s sale) will be easier to walk to different bars on – especially if there are cobbles inbetween! If you prefer a stiletto heel, this gold pair of Steve Madden shoes from Sarenza* (2) (£93.50) or this black pair of Bordello heels* (3) (£97.90) will go with most outfits. (Side note: I totally want a pair of Steve Madden shoes because of Josie and the Pussycats. They’re new. They’re ORANGE gold. By far my favourites have to be the Geordie wedge boots from Carvella/Kurt Geiger* (4) (£109). I mean, look at them. They’re wedges, boots, and insanely sparkly.

glitter pumps

For a more everyday look (well, as everyday as you can get with glitter), these Qube Qalm glitter brogues* (1) (£27) from Sarenza are cute – I already have a pair of glitter brogues from Primark, but they seem to be falling apart after a few wears, boo! The navy glitter Joana pumps* by a brand called Anniel who I’ve not heard of before (2) (£87.55) are pretty, with multicoloured glitter bits in there to make them a bit more interesting. The pink “Ultragirl” pumps from Kurt Geiger* (although the brand seems to be Melissa, so perhaps they’re those plastic shoes?) (3) (£65)  are perhaps a little bright for work, but are very cute and will catch some attention. Finally, these London Rebel black sequin slippers* (4) (£29.99) from New Look look like they would go with most things – however I managed to find a very similar pair on eBay which cost me a mere £11 including postage, because eBay had one of those £5 vouchers that they seem to have occasionally but not really tell anyone about them.

Are sparkles too much for work? Would you wear them? (I have, they only ever got positive comments from the bosses!) More importantly, how do you keep the glitter to stay on the shoes? I’ve heard hairspray, but it can dull the glitter. Annoying!

Brava, Bravissimo

Bras! Important things. Well, if you’re a girl they are. If you’re a boy…um…bras are still very important, but you’re unlikely to need one as much.

My best friend (you probably know her as the Wife) is an advocate of getting measured and of Bravissimo. I gave in to the measuring demands, but because of the location, I avoided Bravissimo. The nearest store to Bristol is over in Cardiff, and it wasn’t until recently that I made the trek over there (rather stupidly, on Grand Slam day) and went to get measured.

Bravissimo doesn’t do measuring like most shops with a tape measure, but instead look at how something will fit. The store was quite quiet when Sarah and I went in, and they could see me straight away. I went into a cubicle and undid my dress so I was in just my bra (stupidly I wore a dress that day, but at least it was one that buttoned down the front!) and the lady came in and looked over the bra I was wearing. (This sounds really wrong. It wasn’t.)

She asked what sort of bra I preferred (lacy, plain, padded, etc) and came back with some bras for me to try. The one I chose in the end was the Freya Deco bra – she then brought in the matching pants as well which I thought was a nice touch (cynically, I would think this was a way to upsell to me, but I would have bought them anyway)

Compared to my last measuring at House of Fraser, this was the complete opposite – the service was great, and I actually feel like I have the right size now. In the post where I talked about being measured at House of Fraser, I mentioned that I thought that the sizing they measured me at was a bit odd – and now I know it was! I suspect that I was measured to that as it was more likely that there were items in that size in stock. Very annoying.

Another thing that I liked is that Bravissimo have a guarantee on their products that as long as they are handwashed, if anything goes wrong (wires popping through, broken straps, whatever!) then they’ll replace it. They keep all the details on their system as well under your own account, so you don’t have to try and hunt out that receipt. All these little things just add to how great a service they provide (well, in my opinion!)

Now I’m going to have to build up my bra collection…any suggestions for stores that deal with the larger sized bras well?

Disclaimer: Not needed, not even an affiliate link to be found. I was so impressed with the service that I had to talk it up!

HtCC: Rain Rain Go Away

Ah, the Great British Summer. *looks outside* So obviously I’ve been looking at new raincoats and umbrellas for the past few months. This summer has been grey, grey, wet, grey with occational blasts of sun. I’ve had the same mac from Topshop for a few years now, and feel like I should be adding more coats to my collection!

rain coats

I love brightly coloured coats, they’re such an easy way to brighten up a dull rainy day.

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