All That Glitters

I’m pretty useless at wearing jewellery, but for my birthday last year (which I got given a few weekends ago – this means I get an extra birthday day, right?), the Wife bought me this beautiful handmade glass bangle (cuff? bracelet?). Its from www.handmadeprettylittlethings.com (which appears to be down at the moment, unfortunately!) but is a blue glass bracelet with a goldish pattern through it.

I can’t normally wear bracelets, because they bash against my desk, but this one is perfectly shaped so it doesn’t annoy me!

HtCC: Collared

I love detachable collars. They can change the look of an outfit easily and are quite cheap (compared to buying a new outfit, anyway!). Heres a few I’ve spotted that I think I could wear.

This “antique embellished collar” from Topshop* (£32) was part of their online exclusives, but unfortunately its currently sold out.

I love this Gemma Lister Peter Pan collar* – unlike most of the other collars here, this looks like its more solid so wouldn’t lose its shape. Its also only £31.50 on ASOS* at the moment.

From Urban Outfitters, this crochet collar necklace* (£28) is much softer looking.

If you prefer something a bit more unique, this collar from Loulou Loves You (£45) is gorgeous, and handmade (so you’re unlikely to see someone else seeing the same thing)

Etsy always has so much choice, but my favourite was this studded Peter Pan collar from Girl Can’t Talk (£35) – so different to the other collars above!

If none of these take your fancy, then you can always have a go at doing it yourself – Lucy posted a tutorial about how she decorated some cotton collars or if you can crochet (unlike me!), theres a cute collar pattern here.

Shoe Porn: Irregular Choice Shoes

Lets attempt another semi-regular feature on here then… although with this subject, I could quite happily post every day. (I won’t. Mostly because the boyfriend complains if I look at shoes too much.)

I’ve been a fan of Irregular Choice shoes for a long time. I can’t remember when I first saw the Tape Measure Court Shoes, but they’re the first ones that I remember seeing and they appeal to the crafty side of me. Here are a few others that caught my eye on the IC website

The colour of these “Rose Slip” (£80) shoes were what caught my eye at first, the gorgeous plummy colour going well with the blue velvetty lining. Even though no one else will ever see the lining, I love that Irregular Choice put some thought into it. You can see it a little bit on this picture as well, but Irregular Choice soles are usually decorated with a bright random pattern.

I think its obvious why I was drawn to the Swordmaker boots (£85). LOOK AT THAT HEEL. I love any shoe that has a weird shape to it. The colour of these is gorgeous as well, although I wouldn’t normally choose gold and brown. If this was pewter and black though, I would be all over that like a crazy girl in a shoe shop. Um…

Finally, the Patty (£50) shoes (and matching clutch bag (£37 – doesn’t that seem like a massively high price compared to the shoes?)) are a little bit patriotic (sort of) and a bit crafty (doesn’t it look like someones glued felt to their shoes? In a good way of course) IC has these in different shades of blue, but these navy (at least, they LOOK navy on my screen!) ones are a bit smarter than the lighter blue pair, and much less in your face than this floral pair.

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