The Perfect Bag

We were waiting in Heathrow T5 for our flight to San Francisco, Alex had just dragged me out of the Mulberry store they have there (T5 has quite “high end” shops in it, which surprised me because they were full of the sorts of things that you wouldn’t buy on impulse) so I turned to the Mulberry iPhone/iPad app and sneakily looked a things I could never afford.

Then I saw this bag and squeaked because IT IS PERFECT.

Things I like in a handbag:

  • Big (this is a Bayswater, so its pretty massive. I have one of the Target ones and it is HUGE. I could probably fit a frozen turkey in there if I so desired.) (yes, I’m still sad that we didn’t get to have Christmas dinner)
  • Grey (I have a bit of a thing for grey in the same way that most people love black. Grey is the best non colour ever.)
  • Leather (I always try to buy leather handbags whenever possible, because they last forever. Grey leather handbag I bought 4 years ago from Topshop still going strong – its only because I have been given quite a few handbags recently that its been put away)
  • Pretty (The Bayswater is a pretty classic style, you have to admit)

Not only that but TEAPOTS. TEA. POTS. I know. I’ll admit, I don’t quite know WHY there are teapots all over the handbag, but I don’t care. It is like this handbag was designed for me.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t (because it it was, wouldn’t I have been given one?). And more sadly, it’s a LOT of money. Like, £4000.

My secret hope is that no one will buy it (because obviously it wasn’t designed for them) and it will turn up in our local factory shop around the end of August for about um 99% of the price. I might have a chance of someone buying it for my birthday then.

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