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TiLT – 11 September 2008

Bad girl, I’ve not really written since last week. But I’ve been full of plans, y’see m’dears! Squeal! Tomorrow is my 25th birthday (or as I am tempted to start calling it, my 21+4 birthday.

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This week, I adore…

  • New Gossip Girl. Oh my effing God. I had forgotten just how clever this show is. Repeats of season 1 whenever I feel like hooking the iPod up to the TV are great, but I neeeeeeded new episodes!
  • Skins. I know, I’ve seen every episode about a trillion times. But each time, I spot something new and exciting (at least to a newly Bristolian like me) in the background. This weekend I was taking some photos for a not so secret project type thing down Gloucester Road, and realised that was where Chris’ house was meant to be in the first series, when he gets locked out of his house in the nuddy pants and walks down the road towards Glos Rd with his head and hands held high.
    One of the things that always makes me giggle is the…
  • Bristolian/West Country Accents. As a Northerner (well, Chester is north of here!), I can’t help but laugh when I hear the local accent. Seriously, its just too funny. Not only do they have a funny accent down here, but they also have their own language. Heres a helpful little guide from Beast Clothing (who are gert lush, me babber)
    Chris Moyles did a version of American Boy by Estelle called Somerset Boy which makes i laaaaarf every time!
  • iTunes Genius – I know, I’ve had it two days, but its bloody brilliant. Its actually making me listen to more of my music, instead of the same few songs every day. And its throwing up some excellent tracks. If you’ve not already downloaded iTunes 8, get it, get it now!

Am I The Only One…

…who doesn’t care at all about the upcoming Sex and the City movie?

Although it seems like something I would actually watch, I’ve never been able to get into it. Maybe its the unlikable characters – I know we’re supposed to love Carrie, but she just seems to be superficial and annoying to me.
When I was working at Crest, I was on a team with three girls who absolutely loved the show and would talk about it in such detail, I feel like I’ve seen all the shows anyway.
If there is nothing else on TV, I end up watching it, but it irritates me for no particular reason.
Another more recent show thats come onto our screens with similar aspects is Gossip Girl


As those around me will know, I bloody well love Gossip Girl. It’s similar to Sex and the City in certain ways – fantastic fashions, based in New York, random plotlines thrown in – but I love it so much more because
its the sort of life that we probably would all love to have, and its almost realistic.

I love the outfits that are seen, the awesome soundtrack, and the bitchyness from the charactors and of course from the narrating Gossip Girl. (Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Gossip Girl is voiced by Kristen Bell, who we love in a non lezzie way)

I also love the Gossip Girl books – yes, they’re trashy and made for 16 year olds, but they’re quick and easy to read when your brain just doesn’t want to look at accounting textbooks anymore.

So will I watch the Sex and the City movie? Pretty unlikely – I’ll be found in front of my VBox watching Dr Who again (I love the catch up ability!)

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