Four Feet do Race for Life!

As many of you know, I’m a huge supporter of Cancer Research, by doing Race for Life. This is my fifth year doing it, and each year, I’ve tried to do something different – running, walking, 5km, 10km, alone and with friends. Pretty much every combination possible.

I was debating on Twitter about what to do this year when I think Gemma suggested that my four feet popped down to Bristol and did it with me. They’ve known me for 20 years so knew my mum as well as I know theirs.

So! On 9th June, we shall be running around the Downs for 5km – although this could change…perhaps a 3 (5 legged) race, skipping or walking backwards? We also need to find something we can all wear…my vote for dressing like the above photo was veto’ed. Damn it.

If you’d like to support us (and I know you would!) please visit our JustGiving page or text FEET88 £1 to 70070 (replacing the £1 with whatever amount you’d like!)

What should we do? What shall we wear?!

You, You’re Such A Big Star To Me

As you read this, I should be in Chester with these ladies:

But I’m not. I’m still in Bristol. I was meant to travel up to Chester today, go to see Take That in Manchester tomorrow and come back on Sunday with no voice from squealing like the teen pop fan I still secretly am.

Alex was supposed to be back from Las Vegas yesterday, but then his boss asked him to go up to Seattle for a few days for meetings. I cancelled my trip, and he extended his to include a few days in San Francisco. Nice for some.

So instead of happy faces like this:

(Helen, Rach and I after the comeback tour in 2006 – can’t believe it’s 5 years!)

I shall instead be moping about, doing some Singstar (because its awesome) and watching Star Stories which we like to quote along.

“80 million quid! And a pie!”

Here are a few of my favourite videos – not necessarily my favourite songs!

Do What U Like
Sadly its not the version that ends with their bums being mopped down with jelly, but the amazing dance moves, ridiculous amounts of flesh combined with leather, studs and fringing and the strange video makes this one of my favourite videos ever. It’s so awful!

If anyone can listen to this song and not think of Morrisons, you are a better person than I am. (Does prove it’s a good advertising campaign though, brand recognition from a song that’s nothing to do with the product)

Never Forget
This had to be in the list. This isn’t the proper video, but rather the first time they sang it live with Robbie for Children in Need. I get tear-y every time I watch it.

What’s your favourite song?


This weekend I have been in a really meh mood because I couldn’t make it up to Chester for the festive shenanigans with these girls

(l to r) Gemma, Rachael,  Helen and me. Check out the 90’s styles!

Its also four years today since my mum died.

Steph, Mum and I at some random wedding

Oh, and I ended up taking the day off work because I couldn’t get back to Bristol from Bath last night because there was SNOW.
More amusingly, I took one step onto some ice, and fell straight on my arse. Oh dear. I am so graceful.

(am very grateful to my friends that have sent good thought messages to me, and to the boy, for having to put up with me this weekend moping about)

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