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Modcloth sent out a newsletter a few weeks ago relating to Earth Day to promote their more ethically sourced and eco-friendly items, and at the bottom was a link to a brand called Bibico. I loved the few items that Modcloth had on their website, so thought I’d look up the companies own website. For some reason, I remember thinking “I bet this is a local brand”. Guess what, it is! Based in Somerset, it was started up by Nieves Ruiz, a Spanish designer who wanted to create an alternative label.

Audrey Dress (£60) – Bella Bow Skirt (£45) – Bow Waist-Tie Dress (£57)

Cassie Blouse (£40) – Lulabella Dress (£60) – Meadow Maxi Dress (£65)

Its always good to see more ethically based fashion lines easily available – I’m just as guilty as anyone for popping into Primark for a cheap fashion fix, but I’m trying to add in more well made pieces to my wardrobe – at least you can be a bit more confident that it will last a bit longer than a few washes!

Cabot Circus Fashion Weekender – SS11 Trends

So as I mentioned in the most uncasual way ever on Saturday, I was invited to view the Cabot Circus fashion weekender fashion show and then blog from the backstage area. I thought I’d give you a bit of a recap of what was actually shown at the show – after seeing the different outfits, I’m itching to buy a new wardrobe already.

Denim Duty

The first scene featured lots of denim looks that were quite casual. It looks like double denim is going to be about for a bit longer, which isn’t a style I would wear myself (and not just because I don’t really wear jeans any more)

The clothes in this section were from Warehouse with shoes from Dorothy Perkins

L.A. Poolside

I’m not a beachy sort of holiday girl (or really any sort of holiday – my trip to California in December was the first proper holiday I’d had in 12 years!) but for that fortnight in the middle of summer that its unbearable to be indoors because of the gorgeous sun, I’d happily wear the cover ups with some shorts underneath. The model in the middle was so brave to walk down the catwalk in her swimming costume, she was posing for quite a while as well – I couldn’t do that! The men in board shorts got a lot of whoops and hollers – I wonder why!

The clothes and accessories in this scene were from New Look with the same shoes from Dorothy Perkins.

Tough Love

This was a much harder edged look with the biker style returning again (has that ever gone out of fashion?) This is a lot more wearable for me, lots of blacks and greys, denim and leather, and lovely big boots. Since we’re unlikely to get much of a summer, they’re always important!

The clothes in this were from Guess with shoes from New Look (for the girls) and Next (for the boys) and accessories from River Island

Latte with Cream

Another look I loved. Although I don’t really have much need for my work wardrobe at the moment, this is the sort of thing I’d love to wear to the office.

Clothes and accessories were from L.K. Bennett with the gorgeous heeled lofters from French Connection

Man Up

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really pay much attention to this section because – well, I’m not exactly the target audience! They were quite casual looks although, the sort of thing Alex wears actually!

Clothes from G-Star, shoes from Next and accessories from River Island again

Frocks and Frolics

The final look was a lot more glamourous than the rest with dresses in simple shapes that looked really easy to wear. The colours were mostly quite light colours, creams and light greys, but there were a few dresses in navy blue if you’re as clumsy as me (as soon as I put a white blouse on, its just a matter of time before I drop something down it!)

Everything was from French Connection for this collection

All of the scenes were a great way to show off what the shops had available right at that moment. There was quite a bit of dancing again in this show, which really helped to show off the clothes more than a typical catwalk.

Photos again thanks to Cabot Circus – I took a few but they didn’t turn out anywhere near as good as these!

Cabot Circus Fashion Weekender – SS11

Normally when I blog, I’m in my PJ’s at my desk with a big mug of tea. A change of scenery today – I’m writing this from “backstage” at Cabot Circus’ seasonal fashion show…with a cup of tea (like you expected any different)
Cabot Circus (along with quite a few cities around the country) hold a fashion show to show off the latest trends that will be appearing in the shops over the next few months, and invited me along again to check out the clothes and to write about it.
It was much less crazy than last year when Gok Wan was presenting – I could actually move about this time!
There were some seriously gorgeous outfits shown on the catwalk – I loved the cream dresses from French Connection especially – and again, the models did more than just walking up and down, they had dance routines which really helped to show off the clothes.

Here are a few pics for now, I’ll be making a bigger post during the week!

There are 3 more shows today (2pm, 3.30pm and 4.30pm) and 4 tomorrow (12pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm) – head down! There are discounts available in most of the shops featured in the shows, with the Style Guide that’s being given out. For more info, check out the Cabot Circus website or their Facebook page.

(Thanks to Kara for inviting me along and letting me use the amazing photos above – there’s no way my pics would have turned out this good!)

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