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I was reading Company magazine yesterday and came across the above advert. At first glance, it looks like a perfume ad – and this was the intention. A closer look revealed that the ad was for a new brand of eggs. Eggs.

My next thought was that this was a joke – there’s no way eggs would be advertised in a fashion magazine – but no, this is a real advert, and a real product. What I don’t understand is why. Why do eggs, one of the most basic food items, need to be sexed up? (forgiving any egg/fertilisation puns you may have thought of there)

The website is not much better, describing the product as being “born to be baked“. Phrases like “…as every girl knows, size is important.” “cake fashionistas” and “[T]hey come in pretty pink cartons that are hard to resist” further show what sort of audience they’re going for. Whilst it is nice to see the popularity of baking on the rise (heh), phrasing like this irritates me.

What do you think? Is bread next to be pinkified? Perhaps we can have some vintage style milk or some shabby chic cheese?

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